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The Left: Bad Predictors of the Future

By Tamar Yonah
5/18/2008, 12:00 AM

The 'Right' has been right.  Everything they predicted that would happen after the Left pushed through their 'Peace' objectives has been a disaster.  Just view these two videos (ain't hindsight great?) and see how these appeaser's predictions have panned out.

Rabin says that there won't be katyusha rockets/missiles on Israel if we pull out of Gaza.  By the way, the song that is played in the video is called, "Hevainu Shalom Alechem" -"We Bring You Peace"

Ehud Olmert debates Rabbi Meir Kahane and tells him there is no worry about the growing Arab population in Israel.  Today, Olmert himself claims that Jerusalem must be divided because the Arab population is growing too large adn is a threat to Israel's identity. 

The Left: Bad Predictors of the Future.  I wouldn't buy a used car from these guys.