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Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

By Tzvi Fishman
5/14/2008, 12:00 AM

Please see the end of this blog for the most recent update on protest activities. Now you have a chance to put your money where your mouth is.

I'll be out there this evening at the Presidents Conference to greet Olmert and Bush with the three posters I made, even if it means getting arrested again. I have some extras, so if Mike, Daniel, Shmuelik, Roger and their friends want to join me, you are all welcome. It will be my birthday, so we can pop open a few cans of beer and laugh about old times. Come on, fellas, forgive and forget. Let bygones be bygones.  

The Burning Bush
More Timely Than Ever
Mike, Daniel, Shmuelik, Roger - Read Your Bible!

For those of you who like videos, here's a little something I helped put together. 

I hope Mike won't be upset that I mad fun of his commander in chief and his country.


I have no problem with most of Mike's poster ideas mentioned in his talkback 18. For instance, how's does this one grab you?

Olmert - Founder of Hamistan

The problem is that posters cost money. Printing costs a shekel a poster. To cover Jerusalem, you need a thousand posters. Getting the posters pasted on billboards, fences, buildings, walls, electric boxes, along main highways, etc, costs 3-5 shekels a poster, depending on the expertness of the team. That's 3-4 thousand shekels on Jerusalem alone. To cover the whole country and influence the attitude of the man on the street and voters, you have to multiply that sum by ten. That's at least 300,000 shekels for a single poster. 100,000 bucks. Any contributors? 

PS - Effective videos cost money too.