Israeli State Radio Outs the Academic Fifth Column

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It has the far leftists in Israel soiling themselves in anguish
Until now, Israel's state-owned media have generally never done any investigative reporting on Israel's Far left and Academic Fifth Column. The TV and radio stations are owned by the Israel Broadcasting Authority, and the IBA has always been a poorly-disguised promoter and guardian of the Left. Its heads have never hidden the fact that they think their mission in life is to advance the Left's agenda.
That is why the decision to run a series of radio shows viciously attacking the academic far Left and the "Post-Zionists" is so significant, and why it has the far leftists in Israel soiling themselves in anguish.
Recently the first of what is promised to be a series of two-hour radio shows on the subject was aired on Reshet Bet, one of the large state-run radio channels in Israel. It can be heard via the internet in Hebrew at this URL:, where you need to click the program entitled "The Anti-Zionist Congress." These shows are part of the wider state-media coverage of Israel's 60th independence anniversary celebrations.
The show lasted two hours so I cannot post a full protocol, but I will summarize it briefly here. The MC was Kobi Barkai and the producer and editor was Avraham Ben-Melech. The program was by far the best expose of Israel's treasonous far Left to appear in the Israeli media to date. While giving plenty of time to the anti-Zionists to state their "claims," more than their fair share, in such a way that no leftist has any legitimate grounds for complaint about the show, it also gave full time to critics of the Tenured Extremists to state THEIR claims. On the one hand, lengthy citations and statements by Ilan Pappe, Uri Ram, Shlomo Zand, and Teddy Katz were read or recited from interviews. But they were answered by critics of the "Post-Zionists," including Prof. Shlomo Avineri, Prof. Shalom Rosenberg, Amnon Lord, and others. Also, the MC himself attacked the Anti-Zionist academics harshly and at length throughout the show and made it clear that the goal of the program was to expose a group of traitors that had grown up inside Israel.
The main point made over and over was that there is no such thing as a "Post-Zionist," and that those claiming to be so are really anti-Zionists seeking Israel's annihilation. While some of the leftists say so openly in the show, the others pretend to be seeking only what is peaceful and good for Israel, but the show makes it clear that this is only a pretense. The MC described at length how the "Post-Zionists" collaborate with anti-Semites, devote their energies to demonizing Israel as a Nazi-like, fascist apartheid state, accuse Israel of conducting "ethnic cleansing" and genocide against the peaceful innocent Palestinian Arabs, insist that Israel has always sought war and conflict, including being responsible for the Six Day War, but the Arabs have always sought peace. It even cited Avi Shlain's claim that Israel was guilty of causing the Syrians to shell Israel before 1967 from the Golan Heights.
The program described at length those Post-Zionists who deny that Jews are a people and insist Jews have no right to a state or self-determination. The program cited Tel Aviv University anti-Zionist (and communist) Prof. Shlomo Zand at length as declaring in his new recent "book" that Jews are not a people at all and that Jewish nationhood is a complete fabrication of the Zionists. The program described how such people seek to make Israel junk its flag and the national anthem to make Arabs feel more "welcome," and otherwise seek to eliminate any semblance of any Jewish character to the state. It described at length the pseudo-history of Ilan Pappe and Teddy Katz, who invented an imaginary massacre of Arabs, supposedly by a Jewish militia in 1948 near Haifa. It cited Uri Ram, an anti-Zionist from Ben Gurion University, saying that there is no justification for the existence of any Jewish state.
It also cited Prof. Shlomo Avineri from the Hebrew University as saying that such academic leftists are seeking the annihilation of Israel. It repeatedly described such "Post-Zionists" as being driven by psychological disorders and Jewish self-hatred.
I happen to consider the program a consequence of the many years of efforts by myself and others to expose the Tenured Traitors and the Academic Fifth Column in Israel. Most recently is doing important work to expose these people.
As one indication of the effectiveness of the radio program, I attach below the hysterical ravings of one of the worse anti-Zionist leftists from the University of Haifa as posted on a University of Haifa chat list for professors, followed by a second hysterical letter posted on the “ÄLEF” list for anti-Semites and anti-Zionists. Both are unedited and spelling left uncorrected:
"Micah Leshem" <> Add Mobile Alert
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 12:35:16 +0300
Subject: [Segel-plus] Kol Israel disgusting sectorial demagoguery and propaganda
Last night's episode of "60 years of the Statel" on Reshet Beth of Kol Israel (1905-2100h) was titled "The Anti Zionist Congress". In part 1 (apparently the 2nd part is yet to be aired), the program let vent to a 3 hour diatribe of anti "New Historian" Academics, harbored by our universities, and associated them with Nazism, Antisemitism, and a variety of epithets that were also aimed at "some MKs" and, of course, the Palestinian citizens of the state. This vitriol was repeated 3-4 times: at the beginning of the program, and after each break for advertisements and the news. Some words from Pappe, Katz, and an Oxford Professor (apparently originally Israeli) were brought, each followed by demagoguery such as a lengthy quotation from an "anonymous American professor" (really, they stated s/he was "Anonymous") and repeatedly the horrible crimes typical of intellectual Jews such as abysmal self-hatred etc etc.
At no point was there any reference to historic facts, true or false, although in a giveaway line they mentioned that it was all started by the opening of the IDF archives! Itamar Rabinovitz was enlisted to explain that no minority is better treated in any western country than the Israeli Arabs – although some minor problems might need attention.
The program is by A. Ben Melech and I have never heard a more sickening or partisan broadcast on Kol Israel previously, not even in pre-election party political broadcasts. I do not know if Arutz 7 broadcasts stuff like this, but allowing Government Radio to tout such a platform is an outrage, delegitimising differences of opinion at best, and academic and historical research at worst.
I can think of no better justification for avoiding paying the agra at all costs.
While it is quite possible that the majority of Jewish Israelis will dance on the roofs and invade the pitch in glee upon hearing this program, its iniquitous content is not a matter of opinion. It is a clear breach of trust by a major government authority in a supposedly free society.
(above, Micah Leshem, Haifa Anti-Zionist)
[alef] Re: Kol Israel disgusting sectorial demagoguery and propaganda‏
Ephraim Nimni ( to the ALEF List
28 April 2008 16:20:04
To:; Micah Leshem (
Having just listened to the program, it surprises even those like me who expect little from the IBA. In a paradoxical way, it is making the case for those who are arguing for an urgent boycott of Israeli institutions. Such level of crude incitement and manipulation of information, provocation, reducing the advocates of post-Zionism to dangerous enemies with a dramatic tone of voice and with dramatic music in the background is a text book example of incitement by denigration. The equation of post-Zionism with anti-Semitism, Nazism and etc, in an authoritative broadcast of official broadcaster of the Israeli state is a way of de-humanizing the individuals that hold those views, a prelude to shooting them by either private individuals or by the state. It reminds the incitement the preceded the assassination of Rabin. We must not forget the inciting role of official radio broadcasts in the crimes in Ruanda.
Please, could some urgently transcribe this program into English? It is crucially important to let the world know if we wish to protect the lives of the people endangered by it.
Ephraim Nimni, Ex-Israeli Anti-Zionist Marxist in Australia