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The False Prophets

By Tamar Yonah
4/7/2008, 12:00 AM

I happen to be reading in the book of  Jeremiah (Yirmiahu) at this time. The story of Jeremiah is depressing, but so telling in what we are experiencing today.

Jeremiah is a prophet who was told by G-d that King Tzedkiyahu (Zedekiah) and all of the Kingdom of Judea would be defeated and taken over by Nebuchadnezer, the king of Babylonia.  But no one wanted to believe him.  Instead, the king and the people wanted to believe false prophesies telling them they would defeat the Babylonian armies and see a victory.  This ‘false prophesy’ was the exact opposite of what G-d was relaying to us through Jeremiah.  But who wants to believe in a depressing prophesy of gloom and doom, when you have OTHERS promising you victory and having your dreams come true?  And what happened to poor Jeremiah, the humble and true prophet of G-d?  They threw him into prison where he rotted until he was taken away into exile with the rest of his people, just as he had predicted. 

          At present, we are experiencing something very similar, and we should take heed of the message from the book of Jeremiah.  Today we also have ‘false prophets’ who promise the People of Israel PEACE.  They say things like, “If we only we forget about Torah, forget our past, forget history, we can march towards a great future filled with peace and prosperity.  What about G-d?  G-d makes people crazy.  Science and technology are the future!  You want peace?  Listen to us then.  We must give our land to enemies. We must arm our enemies. We must prop up the enemy leader and make him look strong.  We must release convicted terrorists to make good will. The enemy will grant us peace from all of this.  This path is our only hope.  No other solution is possible.  We must go this route.”

False prophet # 1 is Shimon Peres.  This is a man who promises peace if we just got rid of history and looked towards a borderless new world.  Please watch this video below where he actually tells Jewish youth to forget about history, because history is’ irrelevant’.  The video shows him telling our youth NOT to listen to their parents and teachers!  We learn from the Torah that parents and teachers are to be shown respect and honor.  They possess wisdom and life experience.  These adults have nourished, cared for, and invested time and money into these children, and they do it to make them the best future adults they can be.  Yet,  Mr. Peres tells our youth NOT to listen to them, and to go their OWN way.  He wants them to follow his vision of a New World Order that has no borders, no nation states, no history, and no G-d.  


Click above to watch 11 minute video.  Then tell me what you think.