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Tzipi Livni Is Being Unhelpful

By Yisrael Medad
3/13/2008, 12:00 AM

Israel's Foreign Ministress Tzipi Livni was speaking at Harvard this week.  She announced that the Jewish communities in the area of the Jewish national homeland guaranteed by international law to become part of the reconstituted Jewish National Home were not "helpful" to the peace process (actually she used another word, "settlements", which I don't use except as a quotation).

That's a stupid position to take.  Also immoral.  Do I go around making announcements that Arab villages are unhelpful and their construction should be halted?

But that's an old issue.  What was more interesting, for me as an observer of how Ms. Livni is ideologically deteriorating, is her prounouncement that she see no role for American Jews in the peace process to resolve the conflict.  Really.  Here, read the report in The Harvard Crimson.

American Jews can be urged to make Aliyah.  Urged to donate money.  Cajoled to support certain politicians.  They can give awards to Israeli achievers.  They can be asked to launch activist protests on Israel's behalf.  They can even die on behalf of Israel.  But to help Israel as regards the "conflict", naw, that's not on.

Tzipi, could it be that you require help?