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The Massacre Didn't Have to Happen

By Tzvi Fishman
3/12/2008, 12:00 AM

While cries for revenge are understandable, revenge is not the answer. Killing 10 or 20 or 200 Arabs won't make the others go away. If the government of Israel were prepared to declare an all-out war against our enemies, that would be a positive start. But the random killing of Arabs, no matter who they are, won't solve the problem.
We don't need more meaningless talkbacks. We need your bodies, your talents, your souls.

The truth is that the slaughter of the eight young yeshiva students did not have to happen. If, over the course of the last sixty years, the Jews of the Diaspora had heeded the call of the Master of the World ushering His People home, this tragedy would never have happened. If the Jewish residents of North America and Australia and England and France and Mexico and Brazil had given up there foreign gentile lands and their businesses, and flocked en masse back to the Promised Land, the Arabs living in Israel would have fleed. If over the years, with the rebirth of Israel, there had been a Jewish immigration of many more millions, the Arabs would have run for their lives. There would never have been demographic dangers, surrender of territories, illusionary peace treaties signed out of weakness, and terrorists with guns in the heart of our Land.

You can blame Rabin and Peres, you can curse Olmert and Sharon, but we ourselves are too blame for not having responded to the shofar of our freedom and the clear calling of G-d to come home. Yes, the mass immigration of the Jewish People back to the Jewish Homeland would have changed the face of Medinat Yisrael completely. Instead of giving our talents and resources to the nations of the world, we would have built Medinat Yisrael into the world's leading superpower. If the Jewish scientists, computer wizards, military specialists, businessmen, filmmakers, writers, doctors, inventors, financial analysts, atomic engineers, and baseball buffs had given up their foreign nationalities and wives, and come home, everything would have been different. If the religious had come to do their shuckling in Bnei Brak and not in Boro Park, today's Knesset members would all have beards. The Land would have witnessed miracles that would have made the world bow down in reverence, the Mashiach would have come along in the wake of a nation reawakening with a proud, mighty spirit, no Arab would have dared to throw a stone or raise a hand against a Jew.

The dream can still happen. Every Jew in the Diaspora still has the chance to be true to his essence, to stop living a lie, to hear the call of his Maker urging him home. Yes, we in Israel are taking the blows, holding down the fort for the stragglers, but the doors are still open. Come. Come now. If you really want to do something more than shaking your heads and spouting out worthless advice, come and join us. Come in your myriads and see how the Arabs flee from this Land. Come and do something real. We don't need more meaningless talkbacks. We need your bodies, your talents, your souls.

That's the only way to make sure that more Jewish boys won't be killed. Instead of pretending, come and get a job as a security guard if you have to. If even one of you had been at the Mercaz Yeshiva that night, dressed and trained as a thirty shekel an hour security guard, the massacre would never had happened.

Like it or nor, that's the truth.