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Cobra Killer For Kids

By Tamar Yonah
3/9/2008, 12:00 AM

This isn't the Arab equivalent of Romper Room, you can be sure.  Not even the Cookie Monster from Sesame street has anything on this Jew-Eating Jihad Bunny from an Arab Children's show. This is what their next generation is learning:

Islamic Killer Bee Replaced by Jew-Eating Jihad Bunny

Barney the Dinosaur who teaches manners and friendship would become 'Bashar al-Dinosaur' who would devour Jewish children. "Argh!" As he chomps and drools, "Where is another zionist child?  I demand another Zionist child NOWWWWWW !" Stomp ~shake~ stomp.  "I shall free the Balaestinian Beeple." Arabs don't have a 'P' in their language, so pronounce 'B' instead.  They can't even say their own national nam they claim is theirs.  "Argh! I am the burble (purple) Dinosaur and I want to eat those Zionist occupiers now!

Or how about the Cookie Monster?  In Arabic, it could be the Khalid Monster.  Same dialogue as above, just interchange the 'burble' description with a hairy one.  Take a look at this next 'Children's TV program'.... This episode on:

Islamic Bee Calls for Child Martyrs and Torture of Cats

And last but not least, these little toy soldiers are being told stories about corpses and being taught from a young age to kill, kill kill.  Listen to this children's story...  At least when we read the Brother's Grimm when we were kids, the children in the story ran away from the evil characters, towards the living, and not turning towards death and martyrdom.

Muslim Cleric Teaches Children to Die for Allah          

They killed off their Mouse and their Bumble Bee characters in Martrydom.  After they kill off their Assud evil bunny (will they kill him off by having a Zionist soldier use him for target practice?) what will be next?  A Cobra Killer for the kids?

                       Sick, sick, sick.  And it's not just us they hate.  They hate all infidels.

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