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Spring Cleaning

By Tzvi Fishman
3/5/2008, 12:00 AM
When I came out of the mikvah this morning, a jolly fellow said to me, "This is a completely new day that has never yet been in the world." I took it as a call to renewal. The feeling of spring in the air underscored his message. On the way home, I even sadly spotted an early spring poopik or two, sprouting out from the tank tops of women who don't read this blog.
Remind you of anyone?
With Pesach just a month away, it's time to do a little spring cleaning. What better place to start than this blog? Every garden needs weeding, and though this is a Sabbatical year, virtual spamming is permitted. So, we are going to change topics, hoping that the crows that have perched on this blog will fly off to do their littering in other pastures.
The Sages warn us to be careful of the commandments that we tread upon with our heels. They explain this to mean that often we take some of the daily, routine commandments too lightly, with a superficial observance, and even ignoring them altogether. The Zohar and the Gaon of Vilna state that this warning is speaking about sexual trangressions that a person can fall into if he doesn't carefully guard himself against the wiles of temptation.
We received the following question on our site:
Take a moment to think about your kids.
My wife is usually too tired to have marital relations at night. She prefers the morning, after sending the kids off to school, when she feels more refreshed and uninhibited. Is this OK? 
The answer can be found a short click away.
Happy spring cleaning to all of you.