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Temple Mount "Stars"

By Yisrael Medad
3/1/2008, 12:00 AM

Last year's best seller, "The Yiddish Policmen's Union" by Michael Chabon, just recently translated into Hebrew, starred the Temple Mount and I commented on that here.  And the Coen Brothers, who just walked off with some Oscars have retained the rights to the film production of the film.

Well, we now have a second book:-

Doesn't that look neat?  I mention the book here briefly but let me add something.

I do not know if this is a "Christian" publication or the very honest effort of a writer to break into the big scene and it makes no difference to me. Everyone, whatever religious or political stripe, is free to do all his literary skills permit him.  It is obvious, though, that the Temple Mount possesses tremendous importance no matter how hard our Israeli politicians have attempted to shun the matter off to the side, to ignore it, to disregard it, to suppress it or whatever.  True, it also attracts the violent and the uncontrollable.  But everytime one lights a match, the potential for destruction exists - one must be trained and aware of limitations.

The Muslim forces, be they the Waqf, the Islamic Movement or others, have destroyed Jewish artifacts and threaten that any assertion of Jewish rights to the site or on it, whether archeological, cutlural or religious, not even to mention political sovereignty will be met with violence.  And for 40 years and more, the political establishment in Israel, backed by political, media and cultural elites, has done its best to maginalize the issue as if it is crazy.

Well, I don't know if the book will make the top of the charts but I am willing to guess that the Bros. Coen picture will.  And the Temple Mount will once again be right up in everyone's faces.  Will Israel's elites then be prepared to deal with the matter in a proper manner?