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Update - War of the Talkbacks!

By Tzvi Fishman
2/29/2008, 12:00 AM
Book of the Year
There are truly great leaders who set an example for others by practicing what they preach, and there are couch potatoes who only preach. Rabbi Meir Kahane was a great Torah leader who established a brave and clear path for others to follow. While he understood the terrible problems of democracy for the Jewish People, he never called for Jews to kill other Jews, or for an armed rebellion against the government in Israel, no matter how misguided or evil it might be. More than anyone else, he was aware of the shortcomings of Israel politics and culture, but he never wearied from raising the banner of aliyah for all Jews, whether they be oppressed Jews in Russia or affluent Jews in New York.
Volume one of a wonderful, inspiring biography of Rabbi Kahane, written by his wife, has just been published in Israel. The book, "Rabbi Meir Kahane, His Life and Thought," is a must read for every student of Torah, every Jewish educator, every Jewish parent, and every Jewish youth. It should be an obligatory gift for every Jewish boy and girl for their bar and bat mitzvahs.
Lest readers of this blog be led astray by false prophets who attempt to use Rabbi Kahane's legacy to bolster their own perverted platforms, here is a quote from the biography which reveals Rabbi Kahane's true understanding of how change must be achieved:

"There are numerous things about the Eretz Israel of our day that pain the heart and outrage the soul of the religious Jew.... Its Sabbath is not the Sabbath of Torah; its kashrus is not the kashrus of our rabbis; its youth is not the youth that Judaism desires. There are things that Eretz Israel possesses that are not pleasant to us, and I fear that in the future there will be worse things. I fear that Reform and Conservatism will invade the Holy Land and deform it, and already their temples are beginning to grow. I fear that the marriage and divorce laws will become a burden to many and they will demand and institute civil marriage....
"But the steps of (throwing) stones are not the proper steps, nor is the path of insult and rioting and hatred the proper path. Whoever thinks that these will persuade Israelis to return to G-d is incapable of understanding human beings.... That can be done only through the building of schools and yeshivas to capture the souls of the youth. That can be done only by the formation of religious groups that will participate in sympathetic dialogue with the irreligious.... By explaining what Torah really is; by answering misconceptions and confused images of religion." (Pg. 64. First published in the Jewish Press, 1963)

These are the words of a true Jewish leader. Dear Readers - of false prophets, beware!

The new biography of Rabbi Meir Kahane is not yet available in bookstores outside of Israel but can be oredered at: