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While the whole country, except for the Olmert government, is concerned about the daily rocket attacks on Sderot, I think we have all been overlooking the obvious solution.
The way to fix things occurred to me while watching a rerun of that Paul Newman film classic "Cool Hand Luke." After making "Exodus," Newman went on to assist the Jewish people when he made "Cool Hand Luke," about prisoners in chain gangs. They are chained to one another by the ankle, and do terrible manual labor, like building roads and moving earth by hand.
Now Sderot has become the Israeli version of Guernica, thanks to the Kadima unilateral capitulation, expulsion, and removal of Israeli control over the Gaza Strip. But the Olmert people do not care a fig because they do not have any friends or relatives who live there. After all, Sderot is nothing but a backward town of low-income blue-collar workers from Morocco, not the sorts with whom the Kadima people fraternize and sip brandy.  We might dub this "Failure to Communicate," for those who have seen the movie.  And even Amir Peretz, who was once mayor there, lost interest in Sderot when its people voted against him.
Failure to Communicate
So here is my idea. Let's take all those jailed "Palestinian" terrorists and security prisoners, those Olmert considers having "blood on their paws" and those he does not, and create chain gangs like those in Cool Hand Luke, employing them around Sderot. Then whenever a Qassam is fired at Sderot, the townies can seek shelter and the chain gangs can stay out on the streets and go on working. We will see how long it takes for the Hamas to resolve Israel's dilemma of what to do with all those jailed terrorists!  And if that does not work, we can also employ some chain gangs of leftist post-Zionist professors around Sderot!
Then Israel can solve the problems in Gaza once and for all by setting up large pumping stations to pump sea water into Gaza. Once the entire Gaza Strip is under two meters of sea water, I bet the Qassam firings will end!
And when the bleeding hearts complain, Israel can just blame the flooding on global warming!!