Scratching at the Cover-Ups*

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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* I had to make a slight change on the posting of the video.  Please see below.

If you think things are as they seem, you are either naïve, lazy, uninformed, or all of the above.  Politics is dirty.  Business is dirty.  And it is important that you understand the truth if you want to fix it. There are some people who still cling onto the ‘reality’ that is most convenient and easy for them to accept.  They still cannot figure out what it is with Israeli leaders and why they seem to follow a path that leads to a weaker Israel, yet is the path that has the International community nodding their heads to.  Supporters of Israel are stuck on the dead end conclusion that Israel’s leaders are either “crazy or stupid.” And they can’t figure out which it is.  I have stated and re-stated that that they are neither.  They are people who are in a position where they are under extreme pressure from others more powerful than themselves.  The fact that they are also guided by self interest and easily corruptible, helps.  It’s like being a ‘chocoholic’ working in a chocolate factory.  They will eventually (and perhaps even willfully) succumb. 

People who lack integrity, courage and a fear of  G-d (where they are more afraid of Man than The Almighty) should not go into politics.  The pressures they will face will be too much for them to handle, and they are playing with ruthless people who have no qualms about playing dirty.  People who state that it is all Israel’s fault that we are giving up land and weakening oursleves, or that our enemies are really only the Arabs, are like little children who don’t understand why their parents are getting a divorce.  A child is told by their parents, “Honey, your mother and I just don’t get along anymore.  We fight too much and we think it is better that we separate and spare you from any more yelling and screaming at home.”  And the child, when asked, “Why are your parents getting divorced?” replies, “Because they fight all the time and can’t get along.”.  And that is how most people go about life.  They accept this argument because it is convenient and easy, and they don’t want to think about it anymore.  They want to continue in their daily routines and not have to be called into action to change and maybe do something about it.  However, when scratching just beneath the surface, one finds out that there is much MORE going on than just, “your mother and I don’t get along anymore”.

We really need to find out WHY they were fighting, and there is where the truth lies.  Doing some detective work, we find out that there was infidelity by the husband (or wife), there was also physical abuse and drinking as well. That was the REAL cause of the fighting and divorce.  But the child doesn’t know it. He believes and tells the story that his parents ‘just didn’t get along’. Family and friends would also probably prefer to stick with the same story as well.  Who wants to uncover the dirt?  It’s easier to just chalk it up to ‘irreconcilable differences’ than really know that there was evil, lies, and using his wife as a punching bag, going on behind those doors.
So, for those of you who wish to place all the blame on our leaders being stupid or crazy, so be it.  But neither is true, and neither conclusion makes sense.  They are sane and they are educated.  They are just being pressured, bribed, corrupted, threatened, - whatever it takes to get Israel ‘in line’.  And, yes, they must take responsibility for their actions.  Olmert, Livni, Barak, Yishai, and all the rest who fall for the carrot and the stick.  They cannot withstand the pressures they are under, and the perks, if they just go along with the agenda.  It is precisely these corruptible types, like former Tsomet MK Alex Goldfarb who was reported to have had his pro-Oslo vote procured, for a new Mitsubishi car.

And so, are the Arab terrorists the real and only problem?  Why doesn’t the West let us finish off the enemy?  Why do they not let us WIN this war?  Every time we go into Gaza and make real progress, the U.S. Secretary of State comes running to the region to tie our hands and prevent us from finishing our job.  It was the Bush administration that pressed Israel to hurry up with the ‘Disengagement”/Expulsion of Jews from their homes in Gaza/Gush Katif without any delay or excuses

Then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who ran against the platform of ‘Disengagement’ from Gaza communities, also fell to pressure (he and his sons had police investigations against them) and the carrot and the stick.  Sharon is reported to have said, "This is what the US State Department is demanding that I do and I must do it." 
It doesn’t take a genius to understand the situation.  Even great men like Menachem Begin succumbed to U.S. pressure at Camp David and agreed to give up the Sinai. 

Let us look at one other subject here that questions the intentions of the American – Arab/Moslem relationship towards Jews, and its foreign political agendas.  Below is a very interesting documentary about the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane z”l  and the Twin Towers connection.  It seems that the murderer of Rabbi Kahane was part of a Arab-Moslem terror cell newly based in America.  Yet U.S. security agencies interfered with New York police from doing their job. They denied that there was any conspiracy and that the gunman was a lone gunman. They forced the police to release one of the suspects from Rav Kahane’s murder, who just happened to be one of the terrorists who was planning the bombing of the World Trade Center, that took place just a few years later.  How can this be?  Watch this documentary made by Israel's channel 2.  It is both in Hebrew and English.  Even if you don’t understand the Hebrew, keep watching, it will switch into English soon and you should be able to follow exactly what is happening. This case is a very worrying one, and you in America, should be concerned about this cover-up.  * It is here that I must direct you to another site to view the video because of possible copy-write complications.  Please go click HERE to view.

Afterwards, you can view this documentary below, however, it is different than the film that is on the other site which I feel was done better.  Below, is another offering in three parts of about 10 minutes, and all in English.

Conspiracy against Rabbi Kahane Part I

Conspiracy against Rabbi Kahane Part II

Conspiracy against Rabbi Kahane Part III