Ban use of Term "Israeli Apartheid" by Israeli Profs

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McMaster University is light years ahead of Israeli campuses when it comes to distinguishing between freedom of speech and vile bigoted hate!

Located in Hamilton, Canada, the university has decided to put a stop to the metasticizing of the "Israeli Apartheid Weeks," organized by anti-Semites and pro-terrorists, onto its campus.  Canadian campuses have had as many anti-Semitic Nuremberg Rallies, supposedly against Israeli "apartheid," as US campuses.

First, McMaster Provost office, which is second in authority only to that of the President's office, banned all campus use of the term "Israeli Apartheid" as hate speech.  Then it was backed in this by the McMaster Human Rights & Equity Services (HRES).  Finally the McMaster Student Union expressed support and approval for the ban.  Has civilized behavior at last infiltrated North American college campuses?

Naturally, the local axis of evil uniting Islamofascists and far Leftists was upset at this "suppression of freedom of speech."  The same people who would have you expelled from school if you say "Negro" or "chick" or express a negative opinion of homosexual relations want "Israeli Apartheid" to be a subject of academic debate.  And after that perhaps more debate about Jews drinking gentile blood on Passover and being cheapskates.

Now one place where anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hate speech is ALWAYS protected is on Israeli campuses.  Far Leftist anti-Israel professors express it all the time, often inside their classrooms! 

Interestingly, no student groups or professors at McMaster want all the Canadians thrown into the sea or bombs placed inside Toronto school buses because they are occupying Indian lands in Canada.  In some departments at Israeli universities one cannot find any professors who OPPOSE Arab terrorism against Jews!

So lets round up a few hundred tenured traitors on Israeli campuses and ship them off to Hamilton, where they can learn some civilized behavior, manners and decency!!