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By Batya Medad
1/18/2008, 12:00 AM

Yes, Mazal Tov to כל עם ישראל All Am Yisrael, the People of Israel!

It's 30 years since Jewish Life returned to the Holy City of Shiloh!

What a modern day miracle!

Before King David declared Jerusalem the Capital of the Jewish Nation, Shiloh served that purpose for 369 years.

Thirty years ago, in the middle of the winter, the Jewish month of Shvat, seven young families and a few yeshiva students renewed Jewish Life where Chana prayed for a son to serve G-d.  We are now a few hundred families from all over the world.  We share a dream.

Today Shiloh has a hesder yeshiva, elementary schools (to the 8th grade,)

a library, medical and dental clinics, stores, a cemetery... everything one needs.  Why don't you join us?