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And Now Blair

By Yisrael Medad
12/22/2007, 12:00 AM

Tony Blair is now a Catholic.  What does that mean?

Just a few days ago I dealt with Michel Sabah's vicious anti-Israel remarks.  Two years ago, I became involved with an effort to block the Roman Catholic takeover of Mt. Zion (and more info here, it seems the site of the Committee to Save Mt. Zion is down).  It seems that starting with Herzl, the Catholic Church remains still a very implacable foe to Zionism.  Back in January 1904, the Pope explained to Herzl why there was to be not recognition of the Jewish aspiration for national renewal.  Possession of the Holy Land by the people who deny the divinity of Jesus is to be denied and no aid extended.

Following Sabah's outburst and the Church's demand for Mt. Zion, is Mr. Blair the right person as the EU mediator for Middle East peace?

I think not.