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We are still under siege.  Don’t let us fool ourselves.  The Holiday of the Tenth of Tevet is still relevant to us today as it was thousands of years ago.  The siege on  Jerusalem and the Jewish People is not just some story that happened long ago, and we only refrain from food and drink and fast out of  a feeling of religious ‘obligation’.  It is happening before our very eyes today.  We are in a very similar place to where we were, when we were surrounded, besieged, starved, and killed, by Nebuchadnezer’s army.  And we are in just as much danger. 

Our fasting on this day lets us have a chance to do some introspection on where we are today and where we are as a people today.  We must recognize that the Arabs are not our peace partners, but our vicious enemies.  We must recognize that those nations around the world that hinder Israel from making any meaningful response against terror, and yet props up our enemies, funds them, trains them, and prevents us from ending this war, by WINNING it, is also not our friend or ally.  Nebchadnezer, as well as all our enemies in history are still alive and well today, they just have different names.

Please, I ask that you watch these video clips and read the accompanying text IN ORDER on this blog.
Arab enemies in Gaza are besieging us with a storm of rockets on our people in the south: Watch this 52 second clip of a Kassam rocket that crashes into Sderot.
Today is a fast day, but do we really understand WHY we are fasting?

Palestinan rockets hits Sderot-City

Watch this next short 59 second clip of the Jewish People under siege in the south of the country:

Qassam The Movie (Teaser)

Sbarro pizzeria bombing by Hamas
15 Jews were murdered, including 7 of our beautiful children.  Approximately 135 other innocent people were injured in this terrorist attack at the Sbarro pizzeria right smack in downtown Jerusalem. The Terrorist apparently posed as a tourist, hiding the explosives in a guitar case. At around 2:30 he detonated his device, packed with razor sharp metal objects such as nails and screws, as well as bolts to ensure that as MANY Jews as possible would be murdered.  This terrorist which was killed was on Israel's most wanted list, and Israel gave his name to the Palestinian authority several times, but no avail, nothing was ever done. 

I am warning you that this last video clip I am posting is EXTREMELY GRAPHIC.  It is not for the faint-hearted.  I am posting it, because I believe (that for those who chose to view it) we need to understand what our enemies are doing to us.  Our news and media don’t want to show us these images, because they want to keep us drugged and quiet.  However, I believe that if the public knew what a terror scene REALLY looked like, we would become so justifiably outraged, that we would be at the gates of the Knesset in a siege on our ‘leaders’ DEMANDING that the government respond and destroy the den of terrorists that perpetrate these attacks on our people, no matter what Washington says.  If you are able to stomach it, watch this video till the end.  Understand that Nebchadnezer’s siege on us, is still alive and well today.

Graphic footage of a bomb on a bus in Jerusalem

Have a meaningful fast.

Have a meaningful fast.

Have a meaningful fast.