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Would You Like Fries With Your Meal?

By Tamar Yonah
12/4/2007, 12:00 AM

I'm frustrated.  I wish I had more talent.  But I must operate with what G-d has given me.  I was lying in bed the other night, and this idea came into my head for a political cartoon.  The next day, I tried to jot it down as best I could, but alas, I am no Leonardo da Vinci. 

Here was my quick sketch when I woke up the next morning...

Yah, I know, I should stick to my day job.

I used to be a concierge (once upon a time when I was younger) and you had to know pretty much everything about your area in order to best serve hotel guests. .  So, what I didn't know,,,  I had to compensate for, by at least knowing and contacting OTHER people who knew.  It worked.  After all, if I didn't know the answer to a hotel guest's query, I just dialed the number of someone I knew who did.  And that's what I did now.  There is a very talented guy who lives in the USA that I know of so I contacted him asking if he wanted to cooperate in making cartoons with me.... I would come up with the idea, he would use his G-d given talent to draw it up.  And I am smiling, because he is a terrific artist. David is a Gentile from Muskego, WI and says he "unconditionally loves Israel as a Jewish nation for Jews and only Jews. That means a Jewish identity and Jewish sovereignty." he says.

So, thank you David!  A picture is sometimes worth a thousand blogs.    ...grin...

It was a debate in my head whether Bush was drinking Israeli Blood Wine, or Saudi Oil Wine.  Either way, it ain't good for Israel.

Feel free to add your own captions or comments to this cartoon, some of you are very talented and funny.