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The White House Ain't White, Brother

By Tzvi Fishman
11/18/2007, 12:00 AM
In yesterday’s Torah reading, we got to know Lavan a little better. Lavan means white in Hebrew. He called himself that even though he was as black as could be. Time and time again, he lied to Yaacov, pretending to love him as a part of the family, but deceiving him at every opportunity, like when he switched Leah for Rachel on their wedding night, and then cheated him for years and years on his wages.

The White House isn’t white either, even though it is called "HaBayit HaLavan". Like Lavan, its occupants are black inside. Wolves dressed up as smiling grandmothers. The bayit of Lavan.

Grandma Bush

Time and time again, the White House and its Presidents have deceived the Jewish People and stabbed us in the back. The White House knew about the concentration camps long before the end of the WWII, yet didn’t do anything to stop the transport of millions of Jews to their deaths.

Why didn't America bomb the tracks?

The White House was a part of the Partition Plan that stripped Israel of enormous tracts of land that were bequeathed to it by the League of Nations, including parts of Saudi Arabia, and all of Transjordan. Our friends in the White House sat by as half of Jerusalem was handed over to the Arabs, along with the Biblical Israel that comprised Judea and Samaria and the Golan. The White House betrayed us during the Yom Kippur War, had spy ships gathering intelligence off the Israeli coastline, not to mention withholding from Israel knowledge about the Iraq atomic reactor that caused Jonathan Pollard to jeopardize himself to save the country he loved. The White House has always demanded a freeze on Jewish settlements in Yesha, and our loving brothers in the White House worked overtime to bring us Arafat and Oslo, the evacuation from Gush Katif, and the birth of a Hamas/Iranian state in Gaza.

Yaacov, Ishmael, and Esav

Now the White House’s “Road Map” and Annapolis Peace Parley are craftily designed to strip Israel once again from its control over Jerusalem and Biblical Israel, the very places we are reading about in the Torah today.

If this isn’t Lavan reincarnated, what is it? In the same gesture of clapping us warmly on the back, and spouting their belief in the Bible, they force us into signing documents that threaten our existence, strengthen our enemies, and ridicule G-d’s promise to the Jewish People that all of the Land of Israel is ours. They don’t believe in G-d or the Bible – they believe in themselves.

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai taught us this lesson long ago. When a fellow rabbi praised the occupying Roman legions for building markets, and bridges, and bath houses in Israel, Rabbi Shimon answered, “Everything they built, they built for themselves. The opened markets to place their prostitutes there; they built bath houses to luxuriate in their own comfort; and they built bridges in order to collect taxes from the Jews” (Shabbat 33B).

Esav hates Yaacov. It is a fact of nature, learned from the Torah and all of Jewish history.

Make no mistake. The White House is no friend of the Jews. Whatever they do, they do for themselves, whether to win Jewish votes for themselves, or to prevent a total Arab takeover in the strategic Middle East.

While there are a lot of gentiles all over the world who are true friends to the Jews, in their national formats, the gentile nations of the world hate the Jews. That’s what the Halacha teaches. Esav hates Yaacov. It is a fact of nature, learned from the Torah and all of Jewish history.

America looks out for America. Come Annapolis, the Jewish People have to remember the lesson of our forefather, Yaacov. We have to look out for ourselves.