Caught On Camera in Jew-Land

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
Tamar Yonah hosts the most popular English speaking radio talk-show in Israel: 'The Tamar Yonah Show'. She informs people of the political changes taking place in the world and how it affects us. Tamar covers the news, as well as interviews respected authors, journalists, and politicians. You'll be exposed to the burning issues facing Israel and be able to call into the show. Tamar is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor. Her father survived the Nazi brutalities and after liberation, made his way to the shores of the British Palestine Mandate, where again fighting for his survival, fought in Israel's war of Independence. This made a great impression on her life and she too has been fighting for Israel by serving in the Israeli army & air force, and afterwards by becoming an activist for Israel and the Jewish nation. Email Tamar at: and add her on Facebook at: 'Tamar Yonah'...

It's there on film!  No denying it. Those blankety blank blank &%#!*%#$ enemies of Israel, as well as the world's media who refuse to show this footage makes me so angry!  Why doesn't CNN show this?  Where is BBC, SKY news, FOX, ABC, CBS.  I want YOU to watch this video.  Then, if you care a hoot about Israel and Jews, you can write your TV stations and ask them why they don't show this footage that I am posting for you below.  Please view video before continuing on.

Write Bush and tell him, "Is this what you want to divide G-d's city and land for?  These murdering terroists?"  Bush is leading the way in giving the terrorist ilk a state of their own.  Giving them Judea and Samaria means putting them within firing range of our airport near Tel Aviv. They will shoot at our planes taking off and landing. It will destroy tourism and our economy, and worse.

Another thing that makes me want to use expletives  &%#!*%#$ is that our own government cares more for the enemy's children than they do our own. They won't attack the terrorists launching bombs at OUR CHILDREN in Sderot, because it might harm THEIR Jew-hating children in Gaza. Is there something terribly and revoltingly wrong with this thinking?

And to all of my brothers and sisters, sitting smug in the USA thinking we have such a terrible government, and that you are so smart, and you claim that you need to be there because you can help influence American policy by fighting for Israel...  Well, your president is hosting a conference in Annapolis, in order to divide Jerusalem and our land. This city is YOUR city, you are Jews, and it is YOUR inheritance.  If you are staying in America to be safe or to influence from there and help, you sure aren't doing a very good job! 

You'd do infinitely more by coming here and helping us to vote and throw out our lousy politicians and bring in more Torah loving and patriotic Jews like you, into the Knesset.  If Jerusalem is divided, I don't want to even think what will happen to America. Remember Hurricane Katrina when Jews were expelled from Gaza? I don't know for sure whether this was divine retribution for Gaza, but as a G-d fearing person, I know that NOTHING happens by accident, and G-d controls everything. Click HERE to read a controversial article I wrote back in 2005 on 'Katrina and Katif: some connections to consider'.

If Judea & Samaria are given over to the enemies of Israel, and we become even weaker, it will affect JEWS everywhere on the planet.  No more Israel = weak Jews, less respect and safety for Jews everywhere in all host countries around the world. 

The German Jews thought they were safe in Germany.  They were proud Germans.  They're dead now. 

Do you really think America is any different than Germany, which was one of the most liberal and 'enlightened' countries in Europe in the 1930's.

As for authentic Jewish life, I am sure you want to give your children a REAL Jewish experience, a FULL Jewish life, but you cannot do it in the Exile.  Only here can one live a FULL Jewish life doing all the mitzvoth. 

Do you want to know what most Gentiles think of us?  They are laughing at us.  If many of them had the chance,,,, 

Watch this video taken in Britain. 

Come home my brothers, strengthen us, strengthen yourselves, extricate yourselves from the Exile, and make Israel strong again.  Bush certainly isn't doing it. 

Remember, the Exile was a curse!