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Now is the Time for Change!

By Tzvi Fishman
11/5/2007, 12:00 AM
Sorry, but we believe in truth in journalism. Last night's demonstration in Jerusalem didn't attract even a 1000 protesters. The majority were young 15 year old girls (my daughter among them) bused in from religious-Zionist ulpanot. While the spirit of our young people is always inspiring to see, the love that our children feel toward Eretz Yisrael is not enough to turn the tide of calculated evil that the political leaders of the world are fermenting against our Holy City and our Holy Land.
Little Fishes

The rally, staged by Moetzet Yesha, was organized in too hasty a fashion to draw the large numbers needed to let Olmert know that this time he is in for a genuine fight. As idealistic and adorable as my torch-carrying children are, they didn't cause Olmert, Rice, or Blair to choke on their caviars inside the King David Hotel. The truth is that the Hotel was so far away, and the crowd so small, that the Machevellians dining inside didn't even hear our feeble shouts.
Olmert and Rice didn't even hear us.

The lack of preparation and advertising weren't the only reasons why people didn't come. The fact is, a great many people have lost their faith in Moetzet Yesha. People remember that is was the fiasco, two-faced, Moetzet Yesha leadership during the Gush Katif campaign that led us into the outstretched hands of the policemen in black. People are fed up with demonstrations where Moetzet Yesha bureaurocrats and media-pleasing rabbis speak passionate words, then work in compliance with the evacuators to make their despicable work easier. People don't want more of the "Love Will Win Out" Moetzet Yesha campaigns. People want a leadership that holds up not only torches, but the banner of faith, and leaders who are willing to sit in jail for their convictions, and not just send 15 year-old boys and girls out to do the fighting against the forces of Darth Vader darkness that are seeking to usurp our Land.
Who will rise to the challenge?
A new leadership is needed if people are going to leave their living rooms and come out to the streets to defend our.cherished Land. A leadership capable of uniting all of the lovers of Israel, the religious and secular, the Haredim and Datim Leumim, the young and the old. A new leadership Committee for the Saving of Eretz Yisrael and Yerushalayim must be formed, representing all segments of the population, and funded by private donators. As long as Moetzet Yesha is a quasi-government organization, receiving money and salaries from the government, it cannot be expected to lead a fight-to-the-finish battle over Eretz Yisrael. And as long as it represents the settlements alone, it cannot be expected to draw large crowds from the other sectors of the country.
In the absence of true spiritual leadership, it is the way of the world that whoever has the money calls the shots. As long as Moetzet Yesha is the only group in town with funding, then they will continue to lead the way. We have been down that treacherous path before. With the future of our country at stake, now is the time for change.
Thirty youngsters arrested for living in  a new yishuv -- community --- in Eretz Yisrael. The youngsters  were living quietly in a new yishuv called Shevut Ami which was estabilshed during Succot, together with 4 other new communities. Suddenly, yesterday, police pounced upon them and attacked them very violently. WHY DIDN'T THEY HAVE CAMERAS WITH THEM!! The answer is that they did!! However the violent police, as usual, took away these cameras. So, currently, our young heroic kids are under arrest, and the brutal policemen who beat them are free.
Run to Ariel to join the protest! You will be happy to know that  brave friends of these youngsters, upon hearing of the arrest, zoomed over to Shevut Ami and are maintaining the presence of the Jewish people at Shevut Ami ("Return of my people") as these lines are being written. These fabulous youngsters NEED every ounce of support they can get! Please RUN to Ariel. The police station is near the famous Ariel college (Michlelet Yehuda veShomron). Particulars -- Nadya Matar 0505500834, keep your call super-brief please.

Contributions are good too (the Shevut Ami equipment has now to be re-purchased, supplies, legal bills, etc.): Write Women in Green on your cheque and send quickly to the following address: Mattot Arim, POB 1588 Rehovot. On the outside of the envelope write SHVUT-AMI URGENT.