So, Yigal Can Come to Court?

Yisrael Medad,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Yisrael Medad
Yisrael Medad is a revenant resident of Shiloh, in the Hills of Efrayim north of Jerusalem. He arrived in Israel with his wife, Batya, in 1970 and lived in the renewing Jewish Quarter, eventually moving to Shiloh in 1981. Currently the Menachem Begin Center's Information Resource Director, he has previously been director of Israel's Media Watch, a Knesset aide to three Members of Knesset and a lecturer in Zionist History. He assists the Yesha Council in it's contacts with the Foreign Media in a volunteer capacity, is active on behalf of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount and is involved in various Jewish and Zionist activist causes. He contributes a Hebrew-language media column to Besheva and publishes op-eds in the Jerusalem Post and other periodicals. He also blogs at MyRightWord in English and, in Hebrew, at The Right Word....

I don't believe in conspiracies but I do believe in evidence.  Nevertheless, who killed Yitzhak Rabin isn't the subject of this short post nor will I engage in discussions about that issue (but I will gladly discuss the media's role in creating a false sense of "incitement" running up to the assassination).

What I do want to ask is this: Yigal Amir can be brought into a courtroom with ease and sit quietly for an hour or so and listen to the deliberations and hear the judge's decision (read about developments here) but he can't be brought to his son's brit milah (circumcision) ceremony and there are some who want to prevent the brit from being held even inside the prison?

A courtroom can be secured but a small hall in a synagogue can't?  Who is fooling whom?  The law is sacred but a 3500 year old religious ceremony is not?

So, this is the Jewish/Democratic state?