The Moshiach – This Year? 5768

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Those who like to dabble in Gematria and Torah Codes will be fascinated.  The Twin Towers, the War of Gog and Magog, U.S. President Bush, Iranian Leader Ahmadinejad, and all the latest news events that have taken place in the world have some interesting connections when Gematria is applied. 
Could it be that the future event of the Moshiach coming, is also hidden in the Torah and revealed through some simple gematria equations?  Might the Moshiach come THIS YEAR? The year of 5768?  No one can predict this, and even if the gematria works out perfectly, we cannot use it or the Torah codes to predict the future. Therefore, though I am hopeful, I remain skeptical.  And yet, some of these things below seem uncanny.  You decide for yourself.  

A request was sent to me to listen to a radio show called, LIGHT OUT OF DARKNESS. This show apparently  broadcasts in the New Jersey area every 6 weeks or so, and is hosted by Joel Gallis and  Dr. Robert Wolf. The information below that you will be reading is based on what they said on their show.  
Take a look at this:
The Sept. 11th attack in the USA, found through the Torah codes intersect the word 'twin' with words like Towers, Bin Ladden, terror attack,  thousands of people, murders, etc

The Gematria for 'the Twins' =  502
The Gematria for Edom, which is the West =  51
The Gematria for Ishmael, which is the East =  451
51 + 451 = 502  - the same as the numerical value as 'the Twins'
Is this alluding to the war between these two great powers, the Last War, the War of Gog and Magog?  Did the destruction of the twin towers mark the beginning of the last war? We learn that the Holy Kabbalist, the 'Ari'  (Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534 - July 25, 1572) a Jewish mystic in Safed.) stated that the Last War would begin on the holiday of Hoshana Raba.  It is quite interesting to note, that the first bombing attack on terrorist strongholds in Afghanistan, in retaliation for the Sept. 11th attack, happened on Oct. 8, 2001, which was Hoshana Raba. The year this happened, corresponded to the Hebrew year, 5762, the year following the shmita year of 5761. 
According to the Vilna Gaon, the sign to know if a war is the 'Last War', it would take place on Hoshana Raba, the year AFTER a shmita year.  It did, in 5762.
Now, let's examine these numbers:
King David, the leader of Israel and the head of the line whom the Moshiach would come from, was born in the year 2854 from creation. 
If one doubles that year, it comes out to 2854 x 2 = 5708.
5708 on the Gregorian calendar = 1948, the birth of the Modern State of Israel.
King David was anointed king in 2884.  If one doubles this year, it comes out to:
2884 x 2 = 5768.  Could it be that the year 5768 THIS YEAR, is the year that we will see the King Moshaich, and be redeemed?
Let us examine further...
The years of the events above:
Both end with the number '8'.  The number '8' in Judaism is a 'supernatural' number.  Perhaps these 'supernatural events' fall in these years ending with the number '8' because they were supernatural?
Other years heralding in huge events that ended with the number '8' were:
The covenant with Avraham
Yaakov going down to Egypt
Our redemption from Egypt
The receiving of the Torah
The death of Moshe Rabeinu (Moses)
The establishment of the modern State of Israel
They also state that the holy Kabalist Rav Kaduri Z"L was told by the Lubavitcher Rebbe that he would see the Moshiach before he died.  Rav Kaduri's closest aids said that he had apparently met with the one who is the Moshiach, on Nov. 4th, 2003, though we do not know whom he met with.  If indeed this is true and the holy rabbi met with the Moshiach, they claim that something cataclysmic must have happened that day to coincide with the event. Perhaps great light was revealed to the world, or a burst of light energy?  Well, on  Nov. 4th, 2003, mankind experienced the biggest solar flare explosion ever recorded, totally off the charts.
They also claim, like others, that George W. Bush will be the last president of the United States.  They say that BUSH spelled backwards in Hebrew, (shin vuv bet) is SHUV, or 'return', and that in these End Days, the Jewish people, and all of us, need to repent and return to G-d.

They didn't say in this program that Bush is Gog, from the war of Gog and Magog like many of the biblical scholars and researchers I have interviewed on my program, but many believe that George W.  Bush is Gog, and will lead the nations of the world (UN Troops, NATO, etc) against Jerusalem, coming from the north, against Israel and the Jews.  Iranian leader Ahmadinejad wants to annihilate us, and the West, and this also fits what our prophets fortell.
I will try to get these 2 men who spoke about the gematria on my show for an interview. 
Until then, if you'd like to hear the program yourself, go to their website and right click on the May 15th show, the third show down from the top.
So, will the Moshiach (the Messiah) come on the scene THIS YEAR, in 5768?
Again, I am on one hand a little skeptic. I have covered this topic for the last few years, yet at the same time, I am optimistic and hopeful.  What do you think?


****Readers Corner: (added Tuesday, Oct. 30th)

Dan from Jerusalem writes me:
News Update: Hadassah hospital: Nefesh Yehudi (A Jewish Soul) detected in PM
Surgeons at Hadassah hospital in Ein Kerem announced yesterday that a small Nefesh Yehudi had been detected in PM Olmert yesterday.  The Nefesh is microscopic, and is not expected  to cause any problems such as interfering with plans to expel 80,000 Jews from their homes in Judea and Samaria.  However, to be safe, the doctors decided to remove it.