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Learning Patience

By Batya Medad
10/23/2007, 12:00 AM

I am not the patient kind.

I get bored much too easily.

I hate waiting.  Some of my most gorgeous photos have been taken while waiting.  Please don't expect me to sit patiently.  I don't watch the pot boil, nor hover over some cooking food.  Sometimes it causes the bottom to get a bit "too crunchy," but don't worry.  I know lots of tricks for cleaning pots and pans.

During my years in Shiloh, sans car, I've trained myself to wait for rides.  My mantra is "a better ride is on its way."

Last night, after teaching six "teaching hours" in the Bnai Binyamin Yeshiva High School, Beit El, I waited and waited for a ride.  I admit that I had rushed my last double lesson, "No break, and as soon as you do everything I planned, you're released."  It worked; they completed everything on my list nice and early.  But there was no ride to Jerusalem; I waited a very, very long time.  Finally a ride, and I didn't even ask to where nor the route.  "Jerusalem" was enough.

Siyata D'Shmaya, I discovered that it would pass just a few minutes' walk from my destination.  A quicker ride going to a different part of Jerusalem would have caused me to arrive even later.

As impatient as I am by nature, I don't rush peace.  No "peace now" for me.  Real Peace cannot be rushed nor hurried nor bought.  When it comes, it will come from G-d, not from any summits, peace conference nor the like.

Hu Oseh Shalom B'mromov.  Hu Ya'aseh Shalom Aleinu...

He makes shalom in His heights.  He will bring shalom/peace to us...