The New World Order: The Modern Tower of Babel

Tamar Yonah ,

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Tamar Yonah
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This will knock your socks off.  This last week we read in the Torah portion of Noah, the story of the Tower of Babel.  In it, we learn that mankind built this tower in order to reach the heavens, dethrone G-d, and take over.  Man wanted to rule their own destiny and did not want to have a G-d over them, telling them what to do and how to behave morally.
We, TODAY, are re-living the story of The Tower of Babel.

Those of you who have been following my radio show and older blog posts of mine know that there is an effort underway to do away with borders and nation states and create a one world central global government.  Some people call this the 'New World Order', but by whatever name you call it, it does not bode well for G-d fearing people and patriots of any country. 
Please view this 90 second video before reading below: Or click HERE to go to Youtube.


A major reason to form a One World Government is of course, power for those who will head it, and also for that eternal evil: greed for money. In today's global economy, people are running their own 'empires' and they cannot be bothered or hindered by all the separate rules and regulations of the many countries and cultures around the world that they deal with.
For an example, let us imagine that you own a sport shoe factory, and you find that if you move your factory from the USA to China, you can pay the workers 10 cents an hour instead of 6 dollars an hour.  And let's say that you also open a factory in Nigeria and the Philippines.  No longer are you so concerned about America, Americans, or whether they have jobs.  Now YOU are president, but you are president, or emperor, of your own empire. Your goal, for your empire, is to make money, expand, take over markets, and make even more money.  And if that means less jobs for your own fellow Americans, so be it.  It's not that you hate America, it's just that you believe yourself to be a 'visionary'.  You know that the time for the horse and carriage is gone.  It's time for the automobile. And so, what if blacksmiths and stable owners will lose their businesses.  PROGRESS is at hand, and, hey, one has to move on, and the world will just have to get with it!.  This same philosophy goes for today.  The time for separate nation states with their own laws, values and borders are gone.  It makes 'chaos' and chaos makes for bad business. 
Hypothetical case: If you are an oil man (isn't Bush an oil man?) you will want to be able to ship your oil from some mid-eastern country to the Mediterranean, and then over to the USA.  If you have to move your oil from Iraq, through Jordan, and then through Israel to the Mediterranean, you won't want to deal with or be bothered with the separate import/export laws of each country.  You won't want to have to deal with all the different politicians from these different countries and cultures. And you certainly won't want to bribe so many people to grease the wheels to make your investment move.  More middlemen, less profit. 

You also won't want to deal with the changing over of currencies from U.S. dollars to Iraqi dinars to Jordanian dinars, to Israeli shekels.  It's too costly and too chaotic.  Therefore, the thing that makes the most sense to big business people is to make these separate governments beholden to a more centralized and powerful one.
The most obvious agency or organization to take on this role is the United Nations.  Already, this international body has instituted global laws and treaties which nation states (after ratification by them) are expected and required to follow.  They have their own military and they are stationed all over the globe.
One of the ways that nation states are losing their sovereignty is through the World Trade Organization (WTO).  Trade is vital to run economies, and the WTO is one of the ways in which nation states are losing their sovereignty.  In order to trade, members of the WTO must cede their power and turn it over to the WTO who will be the final judge in all trade disputes between countries.  So, if the USA or Israel one day decide they want to stop or change their trade laws with another country, the other country can take them to the WTO court. They can sue them, and whatever the WTO decides, will be what the USA or Israel needs to comply with.  So much for sovereignty and deciding who you would like to trade with and under what conditions.  

I do hope that I am explaining this on a very easy basic level for everyone to understand, because since this one brief article, I cannot go into more detail.
Now, to understand how this is all manifesting itself, take a look at the trade blocks that exist today.  Europe has united under an umbrella government called the European Union. Most of these countries have lost their currencies, and have taken on the Euro.  They have lost their sovereignty on many additional levels as well. Being absorbed into this 'union' or trade block, countires who were once independent must now conform to the interests of the bigger body, the EU.
Regional governments are being formed all over the world today. If you were to put in a google search for the words free trade 2010 you will see the world is breaking up into different trade blocks under the WTO .

The United States looks like it will now be losing its sovereignty as well in a new block called the 'North American Union' not unlike the EU.  This is why I believe that U.S. President George W. Bush does not care a hoot about the illegal immigration into his country. He signed an agreement with Mexico and Canada in 2003 to meld together their trade and security and essentially erase the borders of these three nations.  
Please see this 4 min video before continuing to read below.

The unification of countries around the world could sound like a good thing.  Unity is good.  However, it depends what people are uniting under.  If it is under TRADE which = money, then it is a very negative thing, because, if the ultimate goal is to make money, then one can cheat, steal, rape companies, deal in the sex trade, drugs, mafia, whatever, as long as they make a profit, because that is the ultimate goal, power and money. 
Recently it was reported that Poland was reprimanded and will suffer consequences by the EU because they don't want their school-aged children to be exposed to homosexuality in their classrooms.  See: European Parliament Passes Resolution Vowing to Take 'Homophobic' Countries to Court: Slams Poland as "Hateful" for Failing to Allow Promotion of Homosexuality in Schools.

Do  you want your culture, value system and the education your child gets, to have to conform to an umbrella government which represents the interests of others, and will make you conform, ...or be punished?
IF countries were to unite under G-d and His morality, unification would be good.  But alas, the world is uniting under money making, and a one-world absolute power. They are building today, not a tower, but a one world government.  They want to overthrow G-d and take over their own destiny, deciding what is moral (yes, sexual perversity, promiscuity, free abortions at any month of gestation, recreational drugs, is absolutely accepted today). 

I guess we will have to wait for the Messiah to herald in a true unified world of goodness.
Oh, and the photos to blow your socks off?
This is a picture of the Tower of Babel.  And below that is a picture of the EU Parliament in Strasbourg.

EU Parliament in Strasbourg

Notice how in the EU poster, the people are made of bricks.  It is scary to think, that:

1)  There is no shame in their attempt to build another tower, and rub it in our faces and G-d's face.

2)  The people who built the original tower of Babel wouldn't care so much if a person fell off the building while carrying up bricks.  But if a BRICK fell, they would cry and bemoan the loss. What does that say about the way this entity thinks of it's own people????

3)  The message on the poster says "Many tongues - One Voice"  Is this a taunt at G-d that He may have 'babbled their language", but they are going to speak with one voice anyway?

Please watch this 30 sec video in which U.S. President George Bush describes a New World Order under the United Nations.

Mankind is once again unabashedly trying to overthrow G-d.  And they are not even trying to hide it.