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Ann Coulter - Facts and Opinion

By Yisrael Medad
10/12/2007, 12:00 AM

For all the videos and transcripts, only after which one can make a judgement call, visit here at my MyRightWord blog.

There is little doubt that this item will be very hot for a good few days, unfortunately, the level of interest in it will be more than what the invidious anti-Israel and anti-Zionist Left is doing and planning and saying.

It will also serve those who wish to sever the link to the Christian Zionist movement and that would be a shame.  No one of us demands that these pro-Israel Christians become Jews and we should reject attempts by certain Christians that we adopt their religion.  And make that clear to them in no uncertain terms.

But that is one playing field.  The other is whether Israel and the Jewish people can survive without friends and without support.

So, can we all come together and focus on what I think is the real, the immediate and the more dangerous threat to Jews and our religion - the attempt to besmirch Israel, denude it of its security and ultimately to see the country dismantled as the national expression of the Jews.