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It Started in 1930

By Yisrael Medad
10/12/2007, 12:00 AM

Too many Jews and supporters of Israel assume that our rights to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, despite the claims of Muslims otherwise, are quite clear and its just a matter of ignorance, cosyness with Arab oil or plain hatred of Jews that allows them to ignore our rights.

Well, for all our attitude, it's not that simple.

If you click on over here, you'll be able to read a long and depressing report of an international commission that concluded in 1930 that the Temple Mount area and the Western Wall courtyard (it was then a small enclosed alleyway) are Waqf property and Jews are to be severely limited in what they can or cannot do.

Most notably, it was the prohibition on blowing the shofar that drew attention to the report.

It was established by the British, in coordination with the League of Nations Mandates Commission, after the 1929 riots which the Arabs, in the chutzpah, insisted was the result of Jewish provocations over the past year in asserting their rights to the Western Wall and our supposedly secret desire and plan to take over the Temple Mount.

During Rosh Hashana 1928, the British tore down the mechitza that had been set up after the Mufti complained that the status quo was being violated.

We may laugh or ignore it but it was PLO Chairman Arafat that continuously referred to "Muslim rights" and successive Israeli governments paid no attention to the potential weight this report carries.

I deal with the issue a bit more extensively here and I invite you to deliberate and debate.