Neo-Nazi Professor Resigns in Disgrace!

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Breaking News Sept 5,07:   The Chicago Tribune reports that Neo-Nazi lecturer Norman Finkelstein has today resigned from DePaul University in disgrace.
Earlier in the day the media were reporting that 120 students rallied at DePaul to support Finkelstein.  In the following photo you can see what the media call 120 students:
(Finkie with Previous Date, Noam Chomsky)
As you know, Norman Finkelstein is getting booted out of DePaul University in Chicago. He had previously been fired from teaching jobs at Hunter College and NYU in New York. Finkelstein was the leading academic Neo-Nazi in North America, who made a career out of mocking and smearing Holocaust survivors. He also spent recent years cheering the Hezbollah, especially when it was firing rockets at Jewish children. His greatest scholarly achievement was publishing a cartoon created by a Brazilian Neo-Nazi showing Alan Dershowitz masturbating as Lebanese children get killed.
DePaul University not only denied him tenure, but prohibited him from teaching this coming year (his last, under his contract), and booted him out of his office. Finkelstein had a hissy fit and promised to go on a hunger strike (may it last a year!) and to give his Judenraus lectures in the public library. Meanwhile a contingent of anti-Semites is to come to DePaul to show support for Herr Finkie, and these will include Khmer Rouge spokes-Stalinist Noam Chomsky, Walt "Jewish Cabal Controls the World" Mearsheimer, Brownshirt Tony Judt, jihadnik Tariq Ali, and of course Neve Gordon, Fink's anti-Israel groupie from Ben Gurion University.
Ok, but hidden in all this is the fact that Finkelstein is a bachelor. He never married. Maybe he was counting on getting himself 72 virgins. Isn't there a movie out there about a 53 year old virgin Neo-Nazi trying to get a date?
In any case, now that he will have a lot of time on his hands, we thought we would help him out, by preparing a personals add to get him some dates.
Here goes:
"Fifty three year old unemployed ex-lecturer bachelor, never married, fired from a series of academic teaching jobs due to a complete lack of any serious research scholarship, no job prospects, generally regarded as Holocaust Denier, popular among terrorists of all types, main job skills involve ability to flip burgers, letters of reference from Noam Chomsky and Avi Shlaim, capable of composing obscene greeting cards for all occasions, promotes political opinions of which Alexander Cockburn and the President of Iran approve,
"seeks female of any size or shape who will agree to sit quietly and allow me to lecture at her about Dem Joos Dem Joos, must dislike Alan Dershowitz and be willing to travel with me to Iran and Syria, must not object to my Ernst Zundel and David Irving posters in the bedroom, housekeeping skills a plus, swastika tattoos no problem. Turn offs: Joos, Dean Suchar. Turn ons: terrorists.
"No Cats."