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The De-Judaization of Israel

By Tamar Yonah
8/6/2007, 12:00 AM

Is it the need to be loved, the desire for acceptance, or the personal greed for power and big bank accounts that is steering this country into the depths of the abyss?
The leaders in our government are steadily steering Israel off course of being a Jewish State.

How can it be that our Prime Minister:

  • Frees convicted terrorists - not to free our soldier who is still kidnapped, but to boost the status and build up of  Mahmoud Abbas, a holocaust denier and the head of a terror organization? 
  • Transfers guns and bullets to the terrorists
  • Wants to uproot almost a quarter of a million Jews out of their homes in Judea and Samaria.
  • Wants to 'converge' and make Israel's borders smaller and less defensible.
  • Allow the immigration into Judea and Samaria of 41 Iraqi arabs claiming to be Palestinian refugees  
  • Destroys Jewish settlements and outposts (Amona, etc.)
How can it be that our Government Ministers seem to want to castrate the IDF and bring in foreign troops to patrol our borders and keep the peace?  Isn't one of the reasons we established the Modern State of Israel, so that we would have our own army, and never ever have to rely on the nations of the world to protect us again?
  • Avigdor Liberman wants to bring in international forces to secure and stabilize Gaza.
  • Chaim Ramon wants to bring in NATO to protect Israel
  • Tzippi Livni?s Foreign Ministry wants to install international forces in the south. 
               Call for Nato Troops (Lieberman with Rice)
    Whatever happened to using our own military and depending on our own army? Why have we given our security over to nations that have no love or allegiance to Israel?

    Shimon Peres wants to uproot the Jews of Judea and Samaria and turn it over to Arab terrorists.  How will he do it when the residents of YESHA are some of the most motivated and idealistic jews in Israel? He knows they will most likely not accept reparations from the Israeli government to do so, just as the families of Gush katif attempted to stay on their land.  Peres was quoted as saying in an interview in 1995 when he was the Foreign Minister, 'I have no problem with what will happen in Yesha. We will withdraw the army and then let's see what happens. They (the Jews) will either run away immediately, or the Arabs will massacre some, and then we'll see what happens.'  

Is this a representative of the People? A man who seems not to have a  problem that families in YESHA get massacred in their communities?    ...This is our president today.

And now we have the African Moslem refugees from the Sudan region of Darfur, being absorbed into Israel.  4,000 refugees have been taken in, and they are growing at a rate of 300 more every week, or 1,200 every month. According to someone I visit in the Ashkelon prison, the inmate says that darfur refugees are being brought to the prison, housed, fed, and then shipped out to kibbutzim  to be absorbed into Israeli society, eventually to be given Israeli citizenship.  (How many more votes does this mean for the Left?) I cannot verify his information, but I do know they were being brought to the prison there, and the guards let me bring in English teaching books for the refugees, as they had a problem communicating because of the language barrier. 
My heart goes out to these people who are running from a violent area that some say is a genocide against them, but is there no place on the whole African continent that can absorb them better?  A place where they share a similar African culture, or a place where they share the same religion and feel more at home?  Why aren't the EU and the rest of the richer Western Nations pumping money into the welfare of these refugees?  Why aren't they helping other African entities to absorb these people? Instead, they pump hundreds of millions of dollars into the corrupt Palestinian Authority. 

Our leaders can't find money to re-settle our own refugees from Gush Katif. They are still rotting in make shift trailer homes. Our own Holocaust survivors have to march in protest,  because they can't even afford their medicines that they need in their old age, and our leaders can't seem to find the funding for them.  But we have the means to absorb 300 Sudanese Moslems every week? None of these Sudanese refugees are Jewish, and none of these people want to become Jews.

Why is israel absorbing Moslems, when Egypt and much of the African continent is Moslem? The Moslems hate Israel.  They have no interest in Israel remaining a Jewish State.  In fact, it would be the opposite case, that they would vote for Israel losing it's status as a Jewish State, and instead see it become a state of its citizens.
Is Israel being watered down of its Jewishness?  Is the government doing this on purpose?
Is this just another brick in the wall to attempt to make way for Israel to join the EU and to de-Judaize Israel so she will fit in with the International Community's Global vision?

A very strange article was written about the Moslems from Darfur, with one of it's Sudanese officials claiming that the refugees are being encouraged already back in the Sudan to come to Israel.  It's hard to believe, and I myself find it difficult to absorb.  However, I shall  provide links to show that perhaps indeed, there is a sinister attempt to de-judaize the character and make up of  Israel. 
See article about:  Moslem African Sudanese absorbtion into Israel.  
See:  Non-Jewish Russians absorbtion into Israel.
See:  Russian tourists to enter Israel now without visas
See: Olmert's bringing in of  'Palestinian Arab refugees' from Iraq, to Israel.
The entry of these groups into Israel who are not Jewish and do not have an interest in seeing Israel as a Jewish State, being encouraged to come to Israel, while the Jewish Agency breaks ties with Nefesh B'nefesh because they are bringing too many 'religious' Jews to Israel on aliyah, should raise eyebrows.  Additional news headlines imply pressure on the JNF to forfeit Jewish land bought with Jewish money from 'pushkas', (Jewish charity boxes) to the Arab enemy. 
Ramon and Liberman want to bring in NATO troops, Olmert wants to bring in Jordanian and Egyptian troops. 
Are we are witnessing a concentrated erosion of Jewish presence and values in Israel.  Are we witnessing a pull to make Israel into a state just like any other state? If indeed this is the case, what would be the motives of our leadership to bring on such a situation?
Is this just another brick in the wall to attempt to  make way for Israel to join the EU and to de-Judaize Israel so she will fit in with the International Community's Global vision? 
Please click on these links, it will show you the news articles written on the interest to bring Israel under the EU, and Israel's leadership who are more than willing to do so. For some of our leaders, it would be a  dream come true.
It all comes down to 'following the money trail' and that leads us to international trade, treaties, deals, free trade areas, casinos, and lots of money to be made if the right people jump to get the monopoly on the right contracts.
Guess who was Israel's 'Minister of Trade' before he became Prime Minister?  Ehud Olmert.  
Trade leads us to common trade laws and trade blocks, which leads us to entering into treaties with (perhaps) the EU, which leads to Israel conforming to EU standards. 

So,  what IF Israel has to give up her Jewish identity in order to fit in and assimilate? Give up land, feed it to the oil rich Arab kingdoms,  kick out and destroy the religious Zionist settler movement, besmirch and demonize the Haredim and all the other Torah observant Jews, and make Israel a secular 'state of her citizens'. Do away with Israel's law of Return for Jews, do away with anything Jewish pertaining to Israel. Relegate it to small pockets that are weak and nostalgic.  After all, we all know there is NO room for Jewish values and Jewish identity in the EU, or in a world that despises G-d and His laws.