Academic Whoring for Ward Churchill

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Well, the ultras of the Far Left were unsuccessful in trying to get Norman Finkelstein tenured on the basis of his Neo-Nazi attacks on Jews, misrepresented as "scholarship."  A bit like certain tenure proceedings that come to mind at Ben Gurion University.

The next battleground is Ward Churchill, he is due to be canned by the regents at the University of Colorado this coming week.  Churchill is the clown who saluted bin Laden for attacking the "Little Eichmanns" in the WTC towers.  He is a make-pretend Indian (he is an Indian in exactly the same sense as Michael Lerner from Tikkun being a Rabbi), who also has a long track record for anti-Semitism (see this and this). So naturally the Left adores him.  The Academic Ultra Left is once again detecting "scholarship" in lunatic ravings of one of their own, a bit like they did with Kommandant Finkelstein.

It is interesting to see which "academics" are now whoring for Churchill and trying to prevent him being fired.  Many of them can be viewed on

They include the Israel-bashing Middle East Studies "scholar", Richard Falk, Derrick Bell (NYU Law Professor of Marxism), the son of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (a college teacher who really appreciates treason - runs in his family), Gary Leupp - Professor of History at Tufts University, and Adjunct Professor of Comparative Religion, and of course Peter Kirstein, the anti-Semitic comrade of Holocaust Denier David Irving, from St Xavier's in Chicago (Kirstein led the campaign of support for Finkelstein).