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Eugene Narrett is a professor (Ph.D from Columbia no less) so you'd expect a book of his to be so very academic, which this is, but at the same time it is written so skillfully that it reads like a thriller. This new one of his is a page-turner all right and from page to page, chapter to chapter, it shines and merits urgent attention.

Published by Lightcatcher Books, the title goes like this: "World War III: The War on the Jews and the Rise of the World Security State."

I'd add this to the subtitle: "How The West Was Lost."

It's rare that a work of non-fiction should be so quotable. I could pick virtually any passage and give it here as a sample of the gems that exist in Narrett's deeply researched documentation of the past and present (he sure is up to the minute) along with his prophetic insights and warnings.

In this age of scholarly leftism, ambiguity and moral relativism, here we come upon an author who is stouthearted and direct in his love of Zion. He refuses to compromise. Let others dither in their tents; Narrett picks up where Nachmanides and Judah HaLevi left off, and let's remember that in "The Kuzari", written a thousand years ago, HaLevi says, "Whenever they fight their fight [Rome with Mecca], it is we who fall, and thus it has been in former times in Israel."

Thus it is to this very day.

As the title of Narrett's book suggests, the world is at war against Israel (meaning all Jews). That sounds clear enough and others have written on this topic as well, but Narrett's approach is absolutely unique in that he spares no one (certainly not Britain and America) and really - rather incredibly - gives scant notice to Islam. He writes about it, yes, of course. He gives the facts about Islam but to go on endlessly about Islam's baseless grudge against Israel would only be stating the obvious.

Narrett's focus is on the Big Powers (today's "Quartet") that have collaborated, through the ages, toward a single goal - re-creating a world deleted of God's Image, in other words, a world without Jews. As "civilized" nations doom the Jews, warns Narrett, they doom themselves.

There is no equivocating in Narrett's prose. He is firmly in step with HaLevi who insisted that the Revelation at Sinai is central to Judaism and the World. Plainly, without Torah there is no Israel and without Israel there is no World. To depart from Torah is to invite chaos, as we can see all around us today. "If Americans cannot get their politicians to detach from the treacherous plans of the elites in Britain, the UN and its assorted NGO's, we will experience the complete destruction of the America the founders bequeathed."

Narrett continues: "America will follow Israel, whose Scripture was the model for its polity, laws and ethics, into ruins and we will be living like the Jews in Nahariya and Sderot; we will inherit the chronic apocalypse described by Orwell and visible now in the Gaza strip."

Are we there yet? Pretty close.

Narrett brilliantly encompasses the past to the present to prove that nothing has changed. The imperative to "get the Jews out" is as new as today's headline in the New York Times and as old as the pages of Jacob and Esau. The worldwide rush to "push relentlessly for the creation of a Jihadist state from the center of the Land of Israel" only proves that it's a different day but the same agenda.

The effort to "detach" the Jews can be traced back to Pharaoh when, in order to turn the Egyptians against the Hebrews, he declared, "Come, let is deal craftily with this people." So it was and so it is. The nations continue to deal with Israel by means of outright warfare but also through stealth.

To achieve a Judenrein Israel, the nations will stop at nothing. Jews will be "beaten and dragged" from their homes all for the sake of a world without ethics. (See Gush Katif.)

Narrett's masterpiece may well have been inspired by King David's sublime complaint: "Why are the nations in an uproar? And why do the peoples mutter in vain? The kings of the earth stand up, and the rulers take counsel together against the Lord, and against His anointed."

Narrett takes on, or rather takes apart, a Western culture that  "enhances" (male performance) as it simultaneously castrates righteous and valiant leadership. Corruption rules. This leads to Solomon's vexation of the spirit and leaves us vulnerable for the jackals. In defying God, in denying Torah, in the dash to destroy His Children, the nations will have only themselves to blame for what comes next - and it's already around the corner, at a mosque near you.

Israel, Narrett reminds us, is indeed a light unto the nations, if only the nations would open their eyes; if only the nations would remove the blinders of hatred and bigotry.

This book is huge in scope - historical, Biblical, topical, and always with a view upon a world gone mad through a perversion of politics, religion, geography and culture. This book is beautifully written. This book is important. Yes, attention must be paid! Yet this is not a work of pessimism. We can all chip in and DO SOMETHING. Narrett has answers. For that, READ THE BOOK.

Meanwhile, there is this prescription and prophecy from Eugene Narrett;

"Help Israel settle in its historical place in the entire Promised Land. Do this or a great darkness will come." 

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