Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Tamar Yonah ,

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לבן ריק
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Tamar Yonah
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Those religious people, they have no tolerance!  They want to march in our neighborhoods that are secular, even though we signed petitions asking them not to bring their ''Haredi message' to us.  They are ramming their lifestyle down our throats!  Go away! -- Now, change the word 'religious' to 'homosexual' and 'Haredi message' to a "We are proud of our sodomy" message.  That's what the homosexual community is doing to the Holy City of Jerusalem.  A sodomite parade this Thursday in Jerusalem, the city where G-d's Holy Temple stood, His Shechina 'spirit' rested, and where religious people from all over the world reside to soak in this special holy atmosphere. 

Petitions were signed last time a Pride Parade  was planned  here in Jerusalem, with an overwhelming majority of residents asked them not to do so.  There are already sodomy pride parades in Tel Aviv every year, so why must they rub our noses in their sexual appetites?  I mean, it's none of our business what someone's sexual appetites are.  But the moment they bring it to public streets, it BECOMES our business.  Our children walk down the streets of Jerusalem, they don't have to see the promiscuity that these parades bring:  men dressed like women, or men showing sexual affection to other men in front of our kid's eyes. 

I have seen these parades and was really taken aback at the lack of respect these pro-sodomy marchers had, grown men kissing each other right in front of the Jerusalem's Great Synagogue.  It showed a sort of defiance against G-d and G-d fearing people. 

If Jerusalemites and others  don't want to have a sodomy pride parade marching down our streets, it doesn't make us homophobic or hateful. It is our opinion that this is wrong, and we are entitled to have our own opinion.  In fact, it is stronger than an opinion.  The Torah, the Bible, says that the act of a man lying with a man as he does with a woman is an abominable act.  Period.  Go argue with the Master of the Universe about it if you have an objection. 

G-d gives, and G-d takes away.  And if we cannot keep these 'sodomy parades' out of this Holy Land, then we may see other truths of the Torah and the Prophets come true.  The land just MAY vomit us out, as we are acting like the Canaanites and the Sodomites which G-d said NOT to emulate.

So, Whatcha Gonna Do About It?  If you fear G-d, and want to preserve and keep the streets of Jerusalem free of any type of sexual parades, hetero or homo, then you MUST act. 

Here are the ways I suggest:
There is nothing more important that is happening in your life for the next few minutes, so do it before something more trivial gets in your way."

1) PRAY - say a prayer right now, pause for a moment and ask G-d to please somehow prevent a 'sodomy pride parade' from happening here, forever. 

 2) Action MUST follow prayer.  Attend the demonstration in Jerusalem tonight with other Jerusalemites who are against having pro-sodomy marches.


3) Fax the Chief of Police in Jerusalem.  You don't need to write more than a few sentences that you request that they prevent this event and that they keep the sanctity of Jerusalem intact and free of sexual parades.  The fax number from the USA and Canada is:  011 - 972- 2 - 539-1466.  You may not like me for saying this, but...   "Do it NOW!  Fax the Jerusalem Police who hold the rights to cancel this Sodomy Parade. There is nothing more important that is happening in your life for the next few minutes, so do it before something more trivial gets in your way."