The New Bishara Treason Chic

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The Left joins Bishara Treason Chic

Invitation to a hanging?


Well, the peek-a-boo game is over and the press in Israel have at last been allowed to print the charges against Knesset Member Azmi Bishara.  Bishara is an Anti-Semitic pro-terror Arab fascist, so naturally he is beloved by the Israeli far Left.  An ad was run in Haaretz this week declaring "Azmi Bishara you are our Brother," and signed by a handful of Israeli anti-Israel leftists and communist moonbats, including Anat Biletzki, professor of philosophy at Tel Aviv University.  Because Bishara is so openly a traitor, he is also being celebrated by Neve Gordon from Ben Gurion University, who previously cheered and celebrated such people as nuclear spy Mordecai Vanunu (Gordon declared he deeply admires him and thinks Vanunu was a patriot) and terrorist collaborator Tali Fahima.


The charges against Bishara are described here reporting that Bishara

'received several hundred thousand dollars from Hizbullah for delivering intelligence information during the Second War in Lebanon last summer. He was also in touch with intelligence agents from other unnamed countries.  Bishara is accused of handing over information about strategic locations to enable Hizbullah to strike at them during the war. He is also suspected of stealing millions of shekels from Arab aid organizations, laundering the money through eastern Jerusalem money-changers, one of whom has reportedly turned state’s witness. Bishara allegedly received envelopes full of cash, with one such envelope containing $50,000 in cash which he deposited in a Jordanian bank. Officials did not reveal from which country the money came.'

The Jerusalem Post reports that Bishara was helping the Hizbollah choose targets to attack.

When Bishara was elected to the Knesset as head of an Arab fascist party, Israel's moonbats were demanding that he sit on the Knesset intelligence committee.  I guess they wanted to make it easier for him to spy for his terrorist friends.  Instead, he was put on the Knesset Constitution, Law and Justice Committee and the Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on Wiretapping (I guess whoever assigned him had a sense of humor).

Bishara is a longtime Stalinist.  That is probably why the anti-Israel Van Leer Institute in Jerualem recruited him for their board.  The New Israel Fund in the US tried to bring Bishara to the Smithsonian as the official representative of Israel for Israel's 50th independence events in 1998.  Bishara represents the kind of "New Israel" that the New Israel Fund seeks to create.

Bishara is a walking advertisement for why Israel should have capital punishment for treason, for both Jewish and Arab traitors.  The only problem with the idea is that there would be such a long line of those waiting their turns for its application.