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The Numbers Don't Lie

By Michael Freund
2/5/2007, 12:00 AM

In 2006, by contrast, the number of rockets fired on Israel soared to 1,726 – an increase of more than 300%.
If there is anyone out there who still thinks that Israel's August 2005 withdrawal from Gaza was not a complete and utter failure, they should check out what the head of Israel's Shin Bet security service had to say today.

At a special briefing with the press, Yuval Diskin revealed some statistics that underline quite definitively just how disastrous the pullout has proven to be.

Take, for example, the number of Qassam rockets fired at the Jewish state. In 2005, Diskin noted, Palestinian terrorists launched 401 rockets against Israel. In 2006, by contrast, the number soared to 1,726 – an increase of more than 300%.

Likewise, said Diskin, the terrorists are believed to have smuggled an estimated 6 tons of explosives into Gaza in 2005, whereas in 2006, the quantity reached 28 tons. In addition, they snuck in some 14,000 assault rifles, versus 9,300 in 2005.

Hence, rather than bringing increased security to Israel and its citizens, the Gaza retreat has brought in its wake a sharp rise in Palestinian terror activities.

Indeed, the painful pullout and expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homes has not inspired any deeper Palestinian love for Israel, nor has it reduced the motivation of the terrorists to attack.

This is one case where the numbers, as they say, speak for themselves.