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Getting Ready for the Next Round

By Michael Freund
4/9/2006, 12:00 AM

Anyone who thought the threat posed to Israel by rocket attacks had passed would do best to think again.

In a raid carried out in Tulkarem yesterday, Israeli security forces arrested two members of the Fatah Tanzim terror group who were involved in the manufacture of rockets, several of which they unsuccessfully tried to fire at Israel back in July.

The terrorists were being financed and directed by – you guessed it – Hizbullah in Lebanon, and had a weapons cache that included two rockets in the process of being built.

Obviously, this was no science project – but a clear-cut example of how the terrorists are simply using the current lull in hostilities to prepare for the next round of fighting, whenever it may come.

And it would seem logical to assume that the Tulkarem cell that was captured yesterday is just one of several that may be operating in the area, with the aim of preparing to open a second front against the Jewish state should the cease-fire in Lebanon fail to hold.

So don't let the surface calm fool you – the bad guys are already looking ahead, planning their next, horrific move.

Let's just hope that next time around, Israel and its leaders will know what to do.