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What is Wrong with France?

By Michael Freund
9/8/2006, 12:00 AM

Jacques Chirac has done it again.

The man who sought to protect his buddy Saddam from being toppled from power, has now stepped into the fray in an effort to salvage the terrorists of Hizbullah.

After taking the unusually cooperative step of producing a draft resolution together with the US, Chirac has now back-tracked, insisting that revisions be made to the text in order to satisfy Arab demands.

ChiracSpeaking on Wednesday after meeting with some of his cabinet ministers, Chirac was critical of the US, saying that it would be "most immoral" not to impose an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon.

"Most immoral"?

Since when is it "immoral" to hunt down terrorists and eliminate the threat they pose to civilization?

Essentially, France wants to try to save Hizbullah by forcing Israel to stop its assault against the terrorist group. Motivated by a desire to please its Arab friends (and business partners), France is once again taking the lead in providing diplomatic cover to terrorists.

Indeed, France has long been one of the main opponents of designating Hizbullah as a terrorist organization and has blocked the EU from doing so.

So, once again, Jacques Chirac has tried to earn a few cheap political points domestically by "standing up" to the US and asserting France's contrarian view – even if it means allying himself diplomatically with the aggressors and the terrorists.

It's not surprising, nor unexpected, but it is disappointing nonetheless. Will the French leadership ever learn?