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Will the Left Ever Learn?

By Michael Freund
5/7/2006, 12:00 AM

This has got to be one of the biggest cases of "we told you so but you just didn't want to listen" in recent memory.

After months of trying, Palestinian terrorists today finally succeeded in hitting the heart of Ashkelon with a Qassam rocket fired from northern Gaza.

Qassam_in_ashkelon The explosive projectile, which was fitted with a double engine to increase its range, landed on the grounds of a high school, causing damage to the building. Thank G-d, no one was hurt in the incident.

But that in no way diminishes the gravity of the attack. As Ashkelon mayor Roni Mehatzri said today, "a city with 120,000 people is not supposed to live under a threat of rockets."

This is precisely what opponents of last year's Gaza withdrawal said would occur after Israel retreated from the area – that it would strengthen Hamas, lead to a rise in Palestinian terror, and place Ashkelon in range of rocket fire from the Strip.

But the media and the "experts" all refused to listen, derisively mocking Israel's Right for "fear-mongering". Now, after today's attack, how many of them do you think will come clean and finally admit just how wrong they were to support the Gaza retreat?

My guess is: not many – and probably not any.