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Singin' (and Praying) in the Rain

By Michael Freund
9/22/2004, 12:00 AM

Here’s a nice item that we can all learn something from.

It seems that the United Arab Emirates (UAE), an Arab nation in the Persian Gulf region, has been a little short on rain of late, which in the Middle East can be a special cause for worry. So, according to a report in the Emirates News Agency, carried by the Khaleej Times, the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa has “urged Muslims in the country to hold prayers for rain across the country” today.

There is something refreshing about the fact that the leader of a nation has no qualms about calling on his people in a time of difficulty to turn to the heavens in prayer. Granted, the UAE is not a democracy, so it is not as if the Sheikh has to really take into account what his people might truly think of him. Nevertheless, the very act of calling on the public to pray for help on a specific issue is in and of itself an admission of human frailty and of our dependence upon the Creator.

If only our own political leadership in Israel would demonstrate a similar level of humility… things, I am sure, would look a whole lot different.