Israel loses a true friend; an unknown Hollywood giant

David Bannister,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
David Bannister
David Bannister has an extensive background in creative media, which has included works featured in international film festivals. David's main passion is the real search for the missing Ark of the Covenant and shedding light on other Biblical related mysteries. Get a free Trail Pass here to follow this adventure. Trail Pass

It is with a heavy heart that I share the sad news of the passing of Richard Shaw. He was a filmmaker of remarkable clarity whose talents were dedicated towards shedding light on Israel’s attributes, and her plight against a cynical media world that still seeks to darken its image.

Richard produced the Watchers series, which investigated mysterious phenomena from a scientific perspective. One such episode used DNA proof showing that a potential race of giants could be traced back to an existence close to Israel during Biblical times. Accordingly, the legends of such giants as Goliath and Og were shown to be more based on scientific fact than pure conjecture, thereby enhancing biblical accounts. Torah Codes, featuring Rabbi Glazerson presented numerous successful demonstrations related to the inner secrets of the Torah.

Gaza was a work of pure genius that sweeps away any false notion of a righteous leadership in the Gaza Strip. Richard Shaw skilfully dispelled the myth that Israel remains the guilty culprit in this ongoing conflict. In fact, he went one step further and distributed that masterpiece at close to cost price, to ensure the message got through worldwide! 

His love of Israel and Judaism were evident not only in his produced works, but also his aspirations for future projects.

I was fortunate to have shared a long friendship with Richard, whereby I saw first hand his dedication for wanting to get to the heart of the biblical narrative, especially as it relates to the modern day State of Israel. In particular, he not only shared my compassion for seeking answers on Trail of the Ark, but also became insistent on wanting to produce a documentary series aimed at sharing such findings with the rest of the world. Project X Ray was to have been the working title for that proposed series. Richard tirelessly pursued funding from leading executives of the major networks such as History, Discovery and National Geographic channels. He was not prepared to compromise Israel’s reputation in any way, which in light of a generally hostile international media world, was no easy mission. In like manner, he burnt up much energy in getting close to finalizing an acceptable distribution deal just weeks prior to his untimely death a few days ago.         

In deciding to try and pursue his dream of producing that documentary I hope to give unbound credit to the man who has been an inspiration for many followers worldwide. Richard Shaw, you were a hidden giant whose contribution towards the Hollywood film industry did not go unnoticed. Along with family, friends and admirers, I truly miss you. Thanks for being a good friend.  

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