A Timely Reminder of Israel's Promised Northern Border

Yonaton Behar,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Yonaton Behar
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Just a timely reminder of the northern border of the Land of Israel that God promised us!

3. The Northern Border of Israel

The northern border begins, in the west, from the Mediterranean Sea near Mount Hor (Hor HaHar), as it is written, “And this shall be your northern border, from the great sea you shall mark out your frontier at Mount Hor; from Mount Hor you shall mark your border to the entrance of Hamat, and the limits of the border shall be to Zedad, and the border shall extend to Zifron, and its limits shall be at Hazer Enan; this shall be your northern border” (Bamibar, 34:7).The question is: Where is Mount Hor located? There are four opinions:

1) According to Targum Yonaton (Bamidbar, 34:7), Mount Hor is the place called Tavrus Umnus, north of the 36th latitude line.

2) According to “Kaftor V’Perach,” it is the place called Akra, located on the 36th latitude line.

3) According to the Rambam, the northern border is the 35th latitude line (Laws of Kiddush HaChodesh,11:17), beginning from the western side in the place called Banyas (see Teshuvot HaRambam 137, where he wrote that according to Chazal, it is called Amnas or Samnus. It is clear that his intention is not to the place we call the “Banyas” today, which is located at the bottom of the Hermon).

4) According to the Radbaz (Sect. 4: 30) and Rabbi S. Serlio, Mount Hor is located slightly south of Tripoli, at the place called Batrun.

From Mount Hor, the northern border continues eastward until Nahar Prat, the Euphrates River.

(Taken from Rabbi Eliezer Melamed's "Peninei Halakha: Ha'am ve' Ha'aretz", Chapter 3 "The Borders of the Land")