How Do You Celebrate Passover?

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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What is Your Passover Celebration?

Matzah cover my parents gave us as newlyweds. As you can see from the wine stains, it has been used many times.

Pretty much every year there are polls published saying that most Jews celebrate Passover in some way or another.

our Hagaddah collection

My parents, even when they did not keep a kosher home at all, still had another complete set of dishes, pots etc which were for Passover. And my mother cleaned the kitchen before switching. My parents also had, hosted or went to, two s'darim (seders.) A number of my cousins fondly remember those at my parents' house. We followed the Hagaddah, Maxwell House of course, until the meal. And the meal ended the Seder. As a child I always wondered why only two of the songs I had learned in Hebrew School, Avodim Hayinu and Dayeinu were sung at our S'darim. Later on, when I attended full S'darim which continued after the meal, I discovered that the rest of the songs were from that ignored part.

For half a century I only attend a complete Seder during which we read and sing from the entire Hagaddah, whether we are the hosts or the guests.

Passover for us is not just the Seder; it's a week-long holiday. The food restrictions last a full week, and the last day of it, here in Israel, is a Jewish Holiday.

I'm curious how you Jewish readers celebrate Passover. Is it a full week's holiday, or do you just have a special symbolic meal with matzah and songs? Or do you do something in between? Please let me know in comments, thanks.

Matzah cover found in my parents' closet when we were emptying out the house. I have no idea how old it is.