Why we should not let the politicians lead the nation

Vladimir Minkov,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
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Vladimir Minkov
I came into the world in the autocratic Soviet Union as early as before the Second World War, in a Jewish and a bona fide Soviet family. The Soviets were a unique brand of Russian Orthodox Christianity, which worshipped in reality a human God being the ruler of the country and where Jews and Christians were spiritual enemies. In the 1970s, I immigrated to America, where democracy and the true Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible to begin the search for the true meaning of this incomprehensible God above us the humans and for the forbidden in the Soviet Union Torah. I discovered that the One God, the Torah, Judaism in their intellectual interpretations are the basis for determining the purpose of our stay in our world, the basis for defining Good and Evil. I discovered the basics of Western Judeo-Christian civilization where Jews and Christians, while being religiously different, have a common spiritual Torah-based foundation for creating a better world for everybody,...

The dictionaries define a politician in two ways: (1) a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office, and (2) a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

The dictionaries omit the third critically important trait of a professional politician, which is (3) a person who makes his/her living solely through the power of government through forceful redistribution of money from us the people to them the politicians.  

Thus since the politician’s wellbeing depends completely on his/her position in the government power structure, his/her chief lifetime goal is (3) to be elected or appointed to a position in this structure either by the legal tools as in (1) or by the tools, which are considered immoral as in (2).   

A politician is promising everything to be elected but he/she does not care about fulfilling his/her promises because the chief “achievement” of a politician, as he/she presents it to the electorate, is “to defend the electorate from a devastation which his/her political adversary will bring”.  Many countries of the Western Judeo-Christian civilization are in spiritual and economic decline because we have created the ruling clique of politicians who govern us the people - the ruling clique of many political parties fighting each other for the government power – the ruling clique, which created the myth of their irreplaceability.     

If that is not a good idea to have the politicians leading the nation, whom we have to have leading the nation?

It looks like the answer is obvious - the best people to be selected for governing the nation are those whom the governing of the nation is not the source of material enrichment but rather the creative tool for enriching the nation spiritually and economically. These people are the creators – the creators in the image and likeness of God the Creator although they may even not know it.

While the major tool of a politician running the country is empowering him/her-self by amassing taxation and regulations, the major tool of a creator running a country is a drastic reduction of taxation and regulations to provide more money and opportunities to the people who create.  

In the contemporary America, Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump are examples of the truly creative people leading the nation, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are examples of the perfect politicians.

Work in the government did not make Ronald Reagan richer and will not make Donald Trump richer. However, America had become spiritually and economically richer under Reagan and becomes richer under Trump – some people a little bit richer, and some people very rich.

As concerned to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, the work for the big government has made them very rich while during their governing the nation had become spiritually and economically poorer – some people a little bit poorer, and some people very poor.

The creative goal of Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump is clear – to restore Judeo-Christian Bible-guided governing morality by shifting the power from the Big Government the Sovereign back to us the People the Creators made in image and likeness of God the Creator.

The political goal of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is clear as well – to increase the power of the Big Government as a tool of enlarging the crowd voting for them.  

In contemporary Israel, David Ben-Gurion and Benjamin Netanyahu are examples of the truly creative people leading the nation, with many others in the camp of traditional politicians.  

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