We Reject the Messianic Brand of Christianity

Rabbi Ari Montanari,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Rabbi Ari Montanari
Rabbi Ari Montanari discusses issues between religious politics, and faiths in defense of Judaism. He is a student of Yeshiva Pirchei Shoshanim and holds ecclesiastical endorsement and semicha as a civil and military Orthodox Jewish lay leader. Ari, is active in the research of Jewish historical sites in Europe. He is also a Jewish War Veteran. His webportal is: www.lionsden.info/ari and http://www.yps.college...

If I take a green apple and paint it red, is it still an apple? If I take Christianity and paint it with elements of Judaism, of which it already has many elements incorporated and revised from Judaism, would it still be Christianity? Is a faith, or a religion, or a system of theologies that concur with each other also considered of the same brand? If I call you David, or Dovid, or Davide, are you still David? Is this not the same with the messianic brand of Christianity? Whereas the theology is the same, or identical, yet they incorporate some rabbinic traditions, however they use them, is it still just plain old Christianity?

I refuse to acknowledge that the messianic Christian brand of their religion has anything to do at all with Judaism. They chose one day to use the holy and sacred elements, traditions and practices of the faith of the G-d of Israel to rebrand their former Jews, now Christian converts. The fact remains the same, when one leaves the faith of their fathers in Judaism and embraces the Christian religion, rooted on Catholicism, whether they like that or not, it is, when they do this they are no longer Jews but Christians. Christian are not permitted under the Law of Return in Israel. If a Jew makes a strategic choice to reject his faith in Hashem and embrace the faith of the Pope, that individual is not permitted to return to the Land of Israel under the Law of Return.

Maybe the liberals consider my view extreme, but what does the Torah of Hashem say? Na’aseh V’nishma is one answer. First we will do and obey and then we will listen and learn. Many today have twisted this around to justify ignoring the observances and commands of Torah. Now we have “scholars” that are reinterpreting the Torah to justify their secular and modern worldviews and lifestyles. Remember, those who reject Torah get their rewards on earth now. Those who reject Torah are rejected and unknown to Hashem as Jews. Those who reject Torah and embrace any theological or religious system outside of Torah are a part of another belief system, messianic Christians included. This includes former Jews that embrace the Assemblies of God, or The Foursquare Church, or the MJAA, UMJC or any Christian entity which allows this false branding inappropriately using Judaism’s traditions.

In a recent article on the JPost by Tamara Zieve, she wrote a great piece on why messianics are rejected by mainstream Judaism and Israel. She notes a reference from Rabbi David Rosen of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel saying clearly, “If people believe Jesus is one of the triune persons of God, then they should be honest as identifying themselves as Christian.” Clearly this is the truth and is where the line must be drawn. If you believe as Rabbi Rosen noted then you are not of the Jewish faith. And Jews will, as we do, group you in the Christian brand and are prepared to defend our faith against any attack or attempt at proselytizing as an aggressive act to destroy and eliminate the Jewish culture, tradition and the faith of the G-d of Israel. For we have lasted over 3000 years and survived wars, crusades, and will survive attempts to Christianize Israel or attempts to convert Jews through their Christian love. For we are Jews, commanded to be Jews and will always remain Jews faithful to Hashem before we ever recognize their attempts to convert using whatever tactics they derive and employ against us.

Assimilation and integration is where we find our worst enemy. Christianity is the essence of integration and assimilation. It is the antithesis of Jewish traditions, observances and Jewish culture. Deuteronomy 13 is clear, we will follow the L-rd our G-d, keep His commandments, heed His voice, worship Him, and cleave to Him. For it is a test and a test we will not fail. For this warning from Hashem is clear to us that these attempts to deceive, proselytize, convert or manipulate will be forever be rejected.

For the Torah is everlasting, unchanging and for all generations.