Trump Officially Recognizes Jerusalem Israel's Capital

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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Finally! USA President Trump Officially Recognizes Jerusalem as Capital of Israel (video)

I recorded most of Trump's speech. I listened to every word. It made sense. Afterwards I continued watching CNN a bit, but got annoyed listening to the "experts" and their "agenda."

They ignored what I think was an important point in Trump's words. POTUS said that Israel has the right to decide which city is its capital city. And it seemed to me that Trump honestly couldn't understand the disrespect shown by all to Israel.

Trump also mentioned that all of the world leaders who come here go to Jerusalem to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister, President and other officials. He didn't use the term defacto, but it was clear that he meant that this showed a defacto recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Capital.

What do you think?