The dreadful challenge of linking Morality with Genetic

Vladimir Minkov,

לבן ריק
לבן ריק
צילום: ערוץ 7
Vladimir Minkov
I came into the world in the autocratic Soviet Union as early as before the Second World War, in a Jewish and a bona fide Soviet family. The Soviets were a unique brand of Russian Orthodox Christianity, which worshipped in reality a human God being the ruler of the country and where Jews and Christians were spiritual enemies. In the 1970s, I immigrated to America, where democracy and the true Judeo-Christian spirituality of this country made it possible to begin the search for the true meaning of this incomprehensible God above us the humans and for the forbidden in the Soviet Union Torah. I discovered that the One God, the Torah, Judaism in their intellectual interpretations are the basis for determining the purpose of our stay in our world, the basis for defining Good and Evil. I discovered the basics of Western Judeo-Christian civilization where Jews and Christians, while being religiously different, have a common spiritual Torah-based foundation for creating a better world for everybody,...

The principles concerning the distinction between RIGHT and WRONG or GOOD and BAD behavior are called MORALITY.

Different moralities that is different perception of what is good and what is bad are always at the core of all peaceful or military confrontations between different communities and nations.

For some, individual freedoms are good and being subdued to collective dictatorship is bad – for others, delegating personal responsibilities to a dictatorial authority is good. For some, equal distribution of country material wealth is good and material inequality is bad – for others, the equal individual opportunities that brings material inequality are the virtue. For some, the value of any human life created in the image and likeness of God is the unquestionable good – for others, the killing in the name of God is good. For some, Torah/Bible guidance is their life guidance – others are guided by the human-made code of politically correct behavior. Etc.

The moralities are very strong; they are transferred from generation to generation. Education can strengthen morality but hardly change it. Below are some historic examples.

·         The slavery in America was abolished oven a century ago, and for the last half-century, the myriads of legislative actions have been implemented to make the heirs of the former heathen African slaves spiritually undistinguishable from the rest of the nation. However, too many of them, even those who have become Christian and very rich in America, feel uncomfortable in this country.

·         The recent Muslim immigrants in France and Sweden, as well as in many other countries of Western Europe, were spared from the misery of their native Middle-Eastern countries – they were provided with safety and material wellbeing they would never have in their native Arab nations. However, most of them who are in Europe do not want to begin living the lives of traditional French of Swedish citizens - they want to live by their own tradition codified in the Sharia laws.

·         The Baltic nations, the Uzbeks, the Western Ukrainians were a part of the Russian empire for many centuries and it was reasonable to assume they had become the “ordinary Russians”. However, we know that is not the case – they want to live by their own traditions and be separated from Russia.

·         The Jews and the Arabs have lived together in Palestine for many-many centuries as neighbors and had a plenty of time to develop the common norms of respecting human lives and personal property. However, although the Arab population in Israel is now about 20%, their share in serious crimes such as murders and arsons is above 50% - they do not consider the murder and arson to be the true sin as the Jews do.

·         The Jews have lived for two millennia in Europe in the midst of other human communities and have had plenty of time to learn and begin living by the moral codes of those communities to end the anti-Semitism and pogroms. It has not happened – they are still spiritually separated although this separation is friendly and even sometimes mutually beneficial.      

Thus, the moralities are very strong indeed. Why? Might is be that

-  As the Torah/Bible tells us, God (in all His scientific and non-scientific images) created different human communities on purpose to continue His creative work, and do it through competition among different human tribes/communities.

-  Each tribe/community is provided by its own unique morality as the foundation for its own unique creative work – to create what is good and subdue what is wrong, and compete with the others.

-  The mechanism for codifying and preserving this unique morality is the genetics – the unique combination of genes for different tribes/communities – the mechanism of genes-based heredity created by the same God.

The challenge is to accept it. We have accepted already the idea that the genes are responsible for our physical appearance and some of our illnesses. However, we are scared of the idea of connecting the unchangeable genes with the inflexible morality since if we accept this idea, we have to get rid of many social concepts we have hoped might bring happiness to everybody such as multiculturalism, affirmative actions, universal social justice.

The challenge is to decide what to do.    

When different human communities live in their own countries on their own territory and are governed by their own morality, there is no basis for complaining – that is as it is supposed to be by the God’s design. However, when a different human community is forced by any historic development to live together with the community of sharply different perception of what is GOOD and what is BAD/EVIL, the confrontation between these two different communities (their moralities) is being born. This confrontation remains alive even after many generations of join living in the same country or on the same territory.

What to do? How to manage this unavoidable confrontation? Below are just a few ideas (proven to be effective in the State of Israel).  

Stop mass immigration from the foreign communities with principally different moralities; if they are suffering, help them in their own countries and communities.

Stop creating special affirmative-action-type rules for those morally unhappy who are in your own country. They should learn that there is only one morality in the country (in America, that is American-style Judeo-Christian morality of individual freedoms and responsibilities), and they will be treated fairly by this morality as everybody else.  

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