BBC-TV News Rampaging vs Trump for Months

Batya Medad ,

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Batya Medad
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BBC-TV News Rampaging vs Trump for Months

Something really awful has taken over the editorial staff of BBC-TV News. We've been watching the international station that we can get on our television for years, and although I've never been happy with its attitude/policy towards Israel, it generally stayed pretty clear of showing any great interest in most other national politics. The same goes for its radio news that we had listened to for decades.

As I remember, considering that this is the British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC, is that the only country's internal politics considered important is British. That's what is to be expected, and I have no doubt that british citizens who live all over the world count on BBC to tell them what they won't get on their local news stations. But ever since Donald Trump was elected President of the United States, they have regular gig chronicling his presidency, always showing him in the worst way possible.

They began by calling it something like "First Hundred Days," Trump’s World: 100 Days of Change, BBC

In all the decades I've watched BBC News, including the two years we lived in London, I don't remember anything so negative about an American President. I think they were nicer about Imelda Marcos and certainly never had a special regular gig about any foreign leader. This anti-Trump campaign, and it is a campaign, is the worst type of editorializing there can be on a news station. And editorializing against a legally elected leader of an ally most definitely goes against the official principles of the BBC.

Ironically, they've been showing an "advertisement" for themselves which claims that they never give opinions. It is such an outrageous lie. You'd think -or is it possible?- that Hillary Clinton's speechwriter now works for the BBC!

We're very limited in the news stations we get via the "dish" we have. I can't take it anymore and hope the technician can set us up with a better variety.