Kasim Hafeez Is a British Muslim of Pakistani origin. Growing up surrounded by anti-Semitic and Anti-Israeli views, his father would often praise Hitler’s extermination of the Jews.

In his teens Kasim drifted towards radical Islamist groups and was further radicalized at University; harboring an intense hatred for Israel and Jews, he attended many anti-Israel rallies calling for the destruction of the Jewish state.

After coming across Alan Dershowitz’s book ‘The Case for Israel’, he received his first exposure to anything remotely supportive of Israel and found it debunked many myths he had believed to be truths. This prompted a period of soul searching and un-bias research, culminating in a visit to Israel, which by his own admission “was a life changing trip” and made him develop a great deal of respect and admiration for what Israel represents.

Kasim now considers himself a Zionist. On seeing the blind hatred for Israel in many facets of society Kasim felt he had responsibility to stand up and talk about the facts. He has written for the Jewish Chronicle, YNet and CIF Watch and has spoken in all over the UK, in Canada, the US and Israel.

In addition to being a fellow at The Lawfare Project he is also on the advisory board of StandWithUs UK.

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