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      The Eye of the Storm
      by Batya Medad
      A Unique Perspective by Batya Medad of Shiloh
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      Batya Medad made aliya from New York to Israel in 1970 and has been living in Shiloh since 1981. Recently she began organizing women's visits to Tel Shiloh for Psalms and prayers. (For more information, please email her.)  Batya is a newspaper and magazine columnist, a veteran jblogger and recently stopped EFL teaching.  She's also a wife, mother, grandmother, photographer and HolyLand hitchhiker, always seeing things from her own very unique perspective. For more of Batya's writings and photos, check out:

      Shiloh Musings



      Tammuz 3, 5769, 6/25/2009

      Israeli Government Must Do More To Free Gilad Shalit

      The very first thing is to suspend all Red Cross visits to Arab terrorist prisoners in Israeli hands.  If they can't see Gilad Shalit, they can't see anyone here in Israel.

      At the same time all "humanitarian aid" to Gaza must be suspended and blocked.  It's inhuman cruelty to leave Gilad Shalit and his family without contact.

      The time has come for the Israeli Government to treat its civilians and soldiers better than it treats its enemies.

      That's all that needs to be done.  No prisoner exchange, no gifts and no bribes.  There's nothing to negotiate.

      Tammuz 2, 5769, 6/24/2009

      American Jewry, Where Does Your Money Go?

      Mary Mary quite contrary,
      How does your garden grow?
      With silver bells and cockle shells
      And pretty maids all in a row.


      American Jewry quite confusedly

      Where does your money go?

      To terrorist bullets and rocket shells
      To Arabs, not Jews; it is so

      As the saying goes:
      "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions."

      I have no doubt that the Jews who donate their hard-earned money to the New Israel Fund intend only the best for their fellow Jews in Israel. But their money actually goes to fund projects and causes which endanger the State of Israel and the well-being of its Jewish citizens.

      "The NIF disperses hundreds of thousands of dollars for the core budgets of such groups as Adalah: The Legal Center for Minority Arab Rights in Israel, Mossawa: The advocacy center for Arab citizens in Israel and I'lam media center for Arab Palestinians in Israel.

      Supporting Iran's nukes 

      I'lam was founded in the wake of the Palestinian intifada, or terrorist war, initiated in September 2000 after then-PLO Leader Yasser Arafat turned down an Israeli offer of a state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and eastern Jerusalem.

      The first director of I'lam was Hanin Zoabi, recently elected as a member of the Israeli Arab Balad Party in the Knesset. Zoabi's party spawned Azmi Bishara, the Israeli Arab Knesset member who fled Israel after he was threatened with prosecution for allegedly aiding the Hezbollah terrorist organization. Balad officials routinely condemn Israel and at times openly present themselves as representing the state of "Palestine."

      In April, in Zoabi's maiden interview to the Jerusalem Post as a Knesset member, she declared her open support for Iranian nuclear weapons as a counterbalance to Israel.

      Zoabi, in her capacity as the director of I'lam, helped draft and sign the Haifa Declaration, which called for the negation of Israel's Jewish identity and for a "comprehensive change in Israeli policy, whereby Israel abandons its destructive role towards the peoples of the region. …"

      In March, I'lam's so-called empowerment coordinator, Zaher Boulos, issued a "cry of solidarity with the Palestinian people who hold strong to the establishment of a Palestinian state that is independent with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of the refugees to their homes" at the annual conference of the Forum of Journalists, an I'lam affiliate of which he is also coordinator.

      The conference expressed "support for the Palestinian people in their struggle for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees."

      Also in March, I'lam issued a press release stating Israel cannot "liquidate the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Arab culture and will be the future capital of a Palestinian state, and tomorrow will be the focal point of the Arab and Islamic world and the progressive forces in the world."

      The terminology in I'lam's media publications resounds with terms such as "massacre" and "ethnic cleansing," as well as accusations of war crimes and the targeted murder of journalists.

      Last year, the NIF-funded organization held a conference in Ramallah with journalists from the Palestinian Authority which "aimed to develop and facilitate working relationships between Palestinians journalists in Israel and in the West Bank, and to discuss the role of the Palestinian media on both sides of the Green Line" as well as "exploring strategies for Palestinian media practitioners in addressing Israeli, European and U.S.-American media." (complete article)"

      Yes, among the numerous amutot, non-profit organizations helped and guided by the NIF, there are some good ones, but they mask the NIF's extreme Left,  post-Zionist agenda.

      Fellow Jews, we have enough enemies, please don't support them.

      Sivan 29, 5769, 6/21/2009

      Rosh Chodesh Tammuz at Tel Shiloh

      תפילת נשים בתל שילה
       ראש חודש תמוז יום ב' 22-6 9:30
      Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh
      Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, 22-6, 9:30 am
      Tel Shiloh has a rich spiritual history. It was the Capital of the Jewish People, predating King Saul, for 369 years.
      Of course you can visit Tel Shiloh any time. Contact telshiloh@gmail.com or call 02-994-4019.

      Sivan 26, 5769, 6/18/2009

      Why Can't Israel Be A "Normal" Country?

      Yesterday, I saw some old friends who share with me the experience and ideology of Betar.
      Over the years, various Israeli political leaders have received praise from foreign countries and Nobel Peace Prizes for endangering the security and viability of our country.
      They're on my mailing list and received the previous post I had written about Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's speech. One came up to me and said:
      "For the first time, I must admit that I disagree with you."

      That started a discussion, rather heated, about supporting the Likud.

      There was a time when it was taken for granted that all good Betarim would vote for Menachem Begin's political party, Likud (originally Herut, then Gach"al) and join its sick fund, Kupat Cholim Le'umit. That was the party furthest to the Right in the Israeli political spectrum.

      Soon after Begin was elected Prime Minister in 1977, he appointed Moshe Dayan as Foreign Minister and allowed the Left to continue its domination of policy. Without an established Right wing opposition, they had no problem giving Egypt the Sinai and destroying all of the Jewish communities which had been established there after the 1967 Six Days War. That "peace" agreement effectively ended my voting for Likud and trusting and agreeing with its leadership and ideology.

      Over the years, various Israeli political leaders have received praise from foreign countries and Nobel Peace Prizes for endangering the security and viability of our country.

      This all makes me physically ill. I just don't understand how my fellow Israelis can cooperate with endangering our country. Sorry, no country with any pride would allow another to force it to endanger its very existence.

      Bibi's speech is a sell-out. No normal country would ever endanger itself like this. He thinks he can keep the country safe on a tightrope. It won't work. He has just pushed us further and further into the snare of thorns.

      An old Zionist leader wrote that he anxiously awaited the day that we'd have a "normal" country with "crime." I, too, want a "normal" country. But for me, that means one which doesn't beg the world for approval, endangering its very existence in the process.

      Sivan 24, 5769, 6/16/2009

      Bibi's Anorexic Policies

      Baruch Hashem, thank G-d, I'm home in Shiloh. I see that there are more A7 bloggers posting, which is a good thing. Here's a cross-posting from Shiloh Musings. I blog there and on me-ander more regularly than here, so I suggest visiting those blogs, too.
      Bibi is the latest politician to have gotten us into very hot water

      Anorexia isn't just a matter of being too thin and bony. Anorexia can cause death. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's policies and positions vis a vis the Pseudistinian Arabs, the "two state solution," "peace," etc has so reduced Jewish Israeli rights and security that "anorexic" is the only term I feel accurately describes it.

      According to Bibi's latest speech, the Arabs must abide certain "conditions." But it's obvious that all they have to do is recite the the proper words, and "Abracadabra" they'll get what they want. And once they get it, they'll do just as they please, and they've been very up front about stating their plans to destroy Israel and banish the Jewish People from our ancient Homeland.

      The Arabs haven't kept any previous agreements, so why should we believe them now? Bibi is the latest politician to have gotten us into very hot water...