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      From the Hills of Efraim
      by Yisrael Medad
      This blog will be informative, highlight foibles, will be assertively contentious and funny and wryly satirical.
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      Yisrael Medad is a revenant resident of Shiloh, in the Hills of Efrayim north of Jerusalem.  He arrived in Israel with his wife, Batya, in 1970 and lived in the renewing Jewish Quarter, eventually moving to Shiloh in 1981. 

      Currently the Menachem Begin Center's Information Resource Director, he has previously been director of Israel's Media Watch, a Knesset aide to three Members of Knesset and a lecturer in Zionist History.  He assists the Yesha Council in it's contacts with the Foreign Media in a volunteer capacity, is active on behalf of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount and is involved in various Jewish and Zionist activist causes.  He contributes a Hebrew-language media column to Besheva and publishes op-eds in the Jerusalem Post and other periodicals.

      He also blogs at MyRightWord in English and, in Hebrew, at The Right Word.

      Adar 15, 5768, 2/21/2008

      Hasboro is Playing By Arab Rules

      I presume that you are all aware that Monopoly is seeking to replace street locations with cities and that Jerusalem, "Jerusalem, Israel" that is, is doing well in the ballotting.

      No longer.

      It's now "Jerusalem".  No country.

      I think that's not right.  Maybe even false advertising as my friend Mike told me.  After all, the contest went on for over a week or more with voting for "Jerusalem, Israel" and now, it's just "Jerusalem".  Is that Jerusalem, New Zealand?  Georgia?  Wherever.

      Anyway, I've expanded more on this subject here.

      But this seems to be a not-funny game.

      P.S.  Was just informed that the wild card cities still have their countries listed.

      Adar 11, 5768, 2/17/2008

      The Hole in the Temple Mount Floor

      Found this picture of the damage recently caused to the Temple Mount platform due to the earthquakes that have occured these past two weeks:

      In the past, the Temple Mount has seriously suffered from previous earthquakes, from damage to destruction.

      One never knows.

      Adar 9, 5768, 2/15/2008

      Ever Wish You Could Tell Amos Oz: "Shut Up!"

      This guy did:


      Details here.


      Shevat 12, 5768, 1/19/2008

      Israeli Democracy - There Goes Blogging?

      A fellow blogger has reportedly been questioned by the GSS about his blogging activities.  (The details are here)

      First of all, I am surprised that Israeli security personnel and policemen read English.

      Secondly, I'm surprised they read blogs.

      Third, doesn't anybody in the system ever undergo a seminar or workshop on what the Western world calls "freedom of expression" and the difference between "incitement" and criticism?

      So, dear GSS man reading this blog, rest assured, I do not advocate violence in any of my blogging.  I do not seek the subversion of the state of Israel.  I do believe in the democratic norms that all Western countries uphold.

      If any of you GSS personnel reading this have any questions, why don't you drop me a line or comment at this or any of my other blogs?

      But, if you really think I represent a danger - after all, I do seek full Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, extension of Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria, full civiliam residency in those areas until that time among other views - when you do invite me in for a discussion/interview, I take my coffee with one sucrazit or better yet, plain tea with no sugar.

      Shevat 6, 5768, 1/13/2008

      New Digging


      I was sent this photograph of new Muslim Waqf digging within the Temple Mount compound. Seems the impunity of the Waqf is only matched, and of course, encouraged, by Olmert's policies.



      And it doesn't matter if we kill 10 Arabs as the IAF did this morning (of course, that does help) if we yield on one of the most central aspects of the dispute between Muslims and Jews - is the Temple Mount a Jewish fiction or a Muslim one.

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