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Marc Prowisor is a security expert from Israel's Shilo Region and currently serves as Security Projects Director for One Israel Fund. His primary focus is on the strategic and Biblically significant Judea and Samaria regions that have been a hotbed of terrorist acts of violence against Jews.  

He was personally involved in combating terrorist attacks at "ground level" on a daily basis as the Chief Army Security Coordinator in the region from 1996 through 2006. In the course of his  work, Marc defended the area against several attacks and was responsible for rescuing scores of Jews under terrorist threat. He coordinated all military and civilian security related issues,  including counter-terrorism defense, emergency response and management.

Marc was instrumental in increasing the level of security in the area and involved in the capture of  terrorists. His counter-terror skills earned him recognition from the Israeli security establishment,  including the Award of Excellence and Valor from the IDF Central Command General. He has also provided counsel to the United States Department of Homeland Security and continues to lecture on various security and counter-terror issues facing security professionals today. 

Marc's firsthand experience and expertise has led him to formulate the views that he shares  during his uniquely entertaining and critically important presentations, which include the potentially devastating global impact from what is currently transpiring in Israel and the Middle East.

Marc continues to work with various organizations through his role in One Israel Fund in  providing vitally needed projects that provide security and emergency first response against  terrorism. 

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