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      Baruch's Breeze
      by Baruch Gordon
      A refreshing and optimistic view on Israel, Torah and events.
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      Baruch Gordon founded the Arutz Sheva-IsraelNationalNews.com website in 1995 and directed its English Media Department for 14 years. Baruch studied and taught at the Bet El Yeshiva Center, later serving as Dean of its Program for Overseas Students and Program for IDF Veterans. 

      Baruch is certified by the Dor v'Dor Institute to counsel married couples and prepare hatanim for marriage.

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      Sivan 4, 5772, 5/25/2012

      How One Israeli Changed His Mind About Judea & Samaria

      Israeli paratrooper Yaniv Blumenfeld, 25, from Greater Tel Aviv recently wrote the following reflections after finishing IDF reserve duty in the region. The article appeared in the Iyar 5772 edition of Yesha Shelanu.

      Thoughts from My Reserve Duty in Yesha

      Last week, I returned from my month-long stint of reserve duty in Yesha (Judea and Samaria), also known as the West Bank. It was my first time back in the region since my regular service in my late teens.

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      Nisan 20, 5772, 4/12/2012

      A Good Laugh for Pesach

      A person has to rejoice on the Chag (holiday). So here we go. My father is an accomplished tax attorney and takes care of income tax for my brother Robert and myself. The letter below represents what is, in my opinion, one of his most creative and hilarious responses to the IRS in the wake of an outrageously absurd letter sent to my brother. No further commentary is necessary.

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      Nisan 14, 5772, 4/6/2012

      A Seder Night Story

      Some of the best stories in the Jewish World are the stories told by and about Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach of blessed memory. Here is one from the highly recommended "The Carlebach Haggadah." 

      Motzi Matzah

      My father was appointed to the Rabbinate of Berlin a little before Purim, at the end of the First World War. A few days after Purim, he received a letter from a soldier serving at the front. “Most of the soldiers sent to the front never returned. The letter said, “My name is Moishele Cohen. I’m the only matzah baker in my whole home town. If I don’t come home immediately, there won’t be any matzos in my town for Pesach, so please...

      Click here for the full story...

      Nisan 11, 5772, 4/3/2012

      Official Population Count for Judea & Samaria - Whammo!

      The European Union, the US State Department, the Former Soviet Union, and the United Nations are up in arms over the document below. As the world tirelessly endeavors to divide up the Jewish Homeland and give pieces away to an Arab entity, the Jews of Yesha (Judea and Samaria AKA the West Bank) are accomplishing a quiet demographic revolution, thereby ensuring that these places remain Jewish forever.  

      When I ask people on the street how many Jews live in Yesha, they give answers that were correct ten or even tens of years ago.

      The document below hits them like a sledgehammer – WHAMMO!

      This Baruch's Breeze reader couldn't take it: "How did the Jews of Yesha multiply so quickly?"


      Click here to see the Jewish Population of Judea and Samaria document.

      Adar 11, 5772, 3/5/2012

      Jewish Activism Moment #2: Punish the Journalists

      Freedom of Press is a central value for the entire free world, and especially in the struggle of Israel's indigenous Jewish population to live with freedom and dignity in its ancient homeland - the State of Israel.

      But did the journalists filming this video cross the lines to becoming accomplices in a hate crime?

      Arab Rock Attack

      Click here for the video and continuation...

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